Are You Brave Enough To Sample One Of The Philippines’ Most Horrible Looking Delicacies?

If you’re something of a traveler, you probably love to sample food from all around the world.

That’s part of the fun, right? You get somewhere and take part in the local customs and try out the things that locals themselves eat!

When are you going to try this stuff anywhere else? You might as well dive right in to the culture!

Well, if you’re jetting off to the Philippines any time soon, we’re sure you’ll have a great time, and they have plenty of amazing food to sample over there.

But don’t just order the first thing you see on the menu, because you could get something WAY weirder than you bargained for!

Here are some of the weirdest Filipino delicacies money can buy!

1. Tamilok

This is Tamilok, a rare but popular dish with locals and tourists alike on the island of Palawan.

People who have tried the phlegm-looking things describe this dish to have an oyster-like taste, but it looks pretty slimy and disgusting to me.

Tamilok are also know as shipworms, and are notorious for boring into (and eventually destroying) wood found in sea water, including wooden piers, docks and ships. Sometimes they’re called “termites of the sea”, and all of these are excellent reasons not to eat them!

2. Balut

If you want something even more disgusting than that worm thing, check out Balut. It’s is a welcome treat for some locals, but lots of Filipinos don’t like the idea of eating duckling boiled inside it’s egg. Who would?

The broth-like liquid formed during cooking is often sipped first, and Balut is often considered as an aphrodisiac, and also a favourite food during drinking sessions.

3. Helmet

Helmets are marinated chicken heads, with the comb and beak removed, which are grilled on barbecues and considered to be among the most common street foods in the provinces.

Helmets have been prepared by locals to save the chicken heads from just being thrown away after the usual parts you eat like wings, breast, legs, and thighs are taken. But it still doesn’t sound too appealing to me, no thanks.

4. Tuslob-Buwa

This dish is served with rice balls, and people who have tried it say you won’t even know what the ingredients are just by looking.

Maybe you wouldn’t want to find out, either! As the main ingredients of Tuslob-Buwa are cooked pig’s brain and liver. Great, brains and liver! Fans of this bizarre dish say that it tastes good, but I think I’m gonna have to pass thank you!

5. Dinuguan

There are many dishes from all around the world that use cooked blood, and dinuguan is one of them.

It’s actually a pretty common, but still kinda bizarre, food choices in the Philippines. Dinuguan is often served with rice, or steamed rice cakes. You can even get dinuguan in grocery stores in ready-to-eat versions hall over the country. But tourists and locals who want to keep it traditional can go to a restaurant, many of which serve homemade or house specialty dinuguan.

6. Pinikpikan

Pinikpikan is a traditional chicken dish among tribes in Northern Luzon. But if it’s just chicken, why is it such a bizarre food?

Well, it’s due to the way it is prepared, which involves beating a native chicken to death with a stick, as it’s believed that this improves the flavour. The ideal beaten chicken for pinikpikan should not have any broken bones, and the skin should not break either. Sounds pretty cruel if you ask me, I know that every animal has to die if we’re going to eat it, but surely there are more humane ways of slaughtering a chicken?

7. Kamaru

Back to Luzon again, with Kamaru. Would you try this dish, which is rice mixed with fried field cricket?

Yup, you can have your cricket fried, or simmered with soy sauce and vinegar. The folks who have tried it say that the dish tastes like a little like stir-fried shrimp, with a unique salty and bitter combination.

8. Papaitan

Papaitan is a famous soup dish from the Ilocos Region, and it’s weird because it is made from either goat or cow innards.

As if that wasn’t weird enough, the bitter taste that makes this dish so popular in the Philippines comes from the bile used in its preparation, which is kept from the butchered animal and used to cook it! Sounds like a step too far to me, I’m not sure if I would try the stuff.

9. Soup No. 5

Soup No. 5 got its name from being fifth in the list of soups that were listed on the menu of the restaurant that was the first to make it!

You know it’s gonna be disgusting, right? So let’s just get it over way, and say that the soup is made from a bull’s penis and testicles. Yes that’s another thing that’s eaten in many dishes all over the world, but I doubt I would be brave enough to try Soup No. 5!

10. Bopis

Maybe this isn’t the weirdest dish we have seen on this list, but it is definitely an acquired taste due to its ingredients.

Bopis is a dish made from a pig’s heart and lungs, which are chopped up and then simmered together. Apparently there are two kinds of bopis, a dry version and a wet version. Cooking this dish properly is considered a great talent in the Philippines, because of the great dedication the chef needs in order to make it. The smell coming off raw pig’s lungs is really disgusting, and any chef that can stomach it and cook bopis is a very good one!

So how many of these sound appetizing to you? Would you give any of them a try if you found yourself in the Philippines? Let us know if you would, or even which looked most disgusting to you, with a COMMENT! If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to SHARE it with your family and friends!

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