People Open Up About What Makes Them Immediately Suspicious Of Somebody

We’ve all been there. It’s not that any of us like to be too judgemental or anything, but we’ve only just met a person and already. We. Hate. Them.

Sometimes can’t even put a finger on why it is, they just seem to have rubbed us up the wrong way.

But if you think about it, there are many little tells that make a person seem untrustworthy to us.

Here are just a few! See if you agree, maybe this explains exactly why you don’t get on with that person at the office after all!

1. Somebody who appears a little too perfect

“Whenever someone boasts every single detail of their “perfect” relationship on social media, I immediately get suspicious that things aren’t going so great. If your relationship is going so great, you probably wouldn’t waste so much time seeking attention from others. It’s not just constantly posting pictures either, it’s usually the over-the-top statuses that really scream relationship problems.”

2. Someone who wears most of the top buttons on their shirt undone

“I’m not sure what it is but I find a number of buttons a person has done up on their shirt to directly correlate with their trustworthiness. One shirt button open, fine you’re okay. Two shirt buttons, maybe you’re just a confident person. However, three or more shirt buttons? I won’t believe anything you say.”

3. The office gossip

“A big red flag for me is when people are gossipy in the office. I don’t mean ‘Hey, did you hear about Janet’s new haircut?’ I mean the type of people who will literally gossip all day if you bring up someone else’s name. I have one coworker who constantly will talk or even instant message me about people in the office being late or what they are doing. I just ignore it, but people who are willing to gossip that much are always willing to talk to everyone just to get more information.”

4. An overly defensive person

“I think one of the biggest tip-offs that someone is guilty of something is when they get weirdly defensive about things that are seemingly random, especially when there’s no accusatory nature to prompt it. There’s usually always something more to reactions that are unusually defensive.”

5. Someone who blames everything on somebody or something else

“A big red flag for me is when people seem to think that nothing is their fault. They will blame ‘faulty’ equipment, other people, or literally anything they can think of instead of taking responsibility for themselves. Chances are, these people are usually the ones to blame and have gotten away with an excuse one too many times.”

6. A person never takes responsibility

“Anytime someone constantly talks about how things always go wrong for them. Things like forgetting to pay a bill, getting towed for the second time in a week, or getting fired. Typically, these people just blame their ‘misfortune’ on dumb luck, but usually, they are just really irresponsible.”

7. Someone who says ‘trust me’ a little too much

“I find it very suspicious when someone feels the need to constantly say ‘trust me,’ ‘believe me,’ or ‘honestly’ when explaining anything. Maybe they are being truthful in that moment (doubtful), but having to state that you are being honest constantly implies that the rest of the time you aren’t being honest.”

8. Somebody who repeats your name a lot

“I don’t know what it is but I become immediately suspicious of people who start sentences with or just say my name a lot in one conversation. It’s probably meant to sound more personal but I can’t help feeling like I’m talking to a marketer or salesperson who is trying to get me to buy something.”

9. Someone who gives out nicknames too readily

“I find a big indicator of a suspicious person is someone who is quick to give out a nickname or shorten your name, especially when they have only known you for two seconds. You don’t do that with someone until you’ve gotten to know them, nicknames are earned not immediate.”

10. A badmouth

“When people talk about others disparagingly is a big red flag in my books. When I was younger, I had a group of friends that would always gossip about how terrible one friend was, and I went along with it at the time. However, down the line, those same friends ended up badmouthing me and I realized the correlation.”

11. A person who claims to be ‘drama free’

“Anyone who says things along the lines of, ‘I don’t like drama’ or ‘I’m the most drama-free person you’ll ever meet,’ I tend to run far away from. If you’ve seen any reality show, the people who start off saying this are usually the ones who perpetrate any and every conflict.”

12. Compulsive liars

“I find when people lie about things that really don’t need to be lied about that it’s a major red flag for who they are as a person. Compulsive lying over unnecessary things is a pretty big indicator that this person is willing to lie over big things as well.”

13. The person with surprises always up their sleeve

“Unexpected gifts. For example, if someone gives you a large wooden rabbit out of nowhere, you have every right to be wary. I mean if someone, even a close friend, is giving you a gift out of nowhere, you should probably consider that there may be a hidden agenda to their spontaneous generosity.”

14. The person who claims all of their exes were bad people

“Anyone who has ever said, ‘All my exes were horrible,’ when referring to their dating history. This is a major red flag and not only do these people not realize that they were probably the problem, they naively think they were completely innocent. If they are so quick to bad talk someone they once ‘loved,’ it’s only a matter of time until you’re their next story.”

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15. Anyone with a poor sense of humor

“I think it’s a major red flag when someone has to rely on poking fun at the expense of others just to be funny, especially when it’s someone they aren’t very close with. It seems very specific, but when I see this type of behavior, I immediately don’t trust that person.”

16. The one-upper

“You know when you tell a story and there’s that one person who always has to follow it with a similar story but better? ‘Wow, that was a great story. It’s crazy, I did that exact same thing except I had a broken arm, no credit card, and hadn’t slept in 72 hours.’ Yeah, that person is someone I’m always suspicious of.”

17. The pick-up artist

“You really can’t trust anyone who subscribes to ‘pick-up artist’ ‘playbooks.’ I’ve seen these type of people realize that they can lie to woo someone and eventually that just leads to them no longer seeing women as people. Eventually, these ‘innocuous’ lies bleed into every interaction and they don’t see anything wrong with lying to anyone for any reason.”

18. The person with a crushing handshake

“Anyone who feels the need to actually inflict pain with their aggressive handshake is either incredibly insecure or should just not be trusted at all. There’s nothing wrong with a firm handshake, but making the effort to go overboard to show some sort of dominance makes it obvious that you’ve got self-esteem problems.”

19. Someone who reveals very little about themselves

“I always get suspicious of people who ask a lot of personal, probing questions but never actually reveal anything about themselves. It’s great to have someone express interest in you, but when it doesn’t go both ways, it’s a little unnerving. Why do you really want to know these things?”

20. Anyone your dog doesn’t like

“I don’t care who you are or what you say if my dog doesn’t like you then something is not right. It might sound silly but anytime my dog has acted out in the presence of someone new, it’s been because that person was sketchy.”

21. The person who swears their dodgy dealings are totally legal

“When anyone starts using Facebook to not-so-subtly hint at how great their life has been since they discovered some amazing business opportunity and or product. As soon as I start seeing phrases like, ‘It’s 100% legal,’ I’m not trusting anything you say afterward.”

22. The blind buyer

“Anytime that I post an ad online selling something and the buyer just wants to make an offer without seeing the product, I get suspicious. I’m not talking about selling small things, I’m talking about selling something like a car and someone wants to buy it overseas with PayPal. Always smells like a scam to me.”

23. Someone who casually shares something very dark

“I always find it suspicious when someone that you’ve just met over shares dark things about themselves. I figure it’s either a sympathy ploy or just some way to disarm someone and create a false sense of closeness for some other sort of ulterior motive. Most people I’ve met who overshare dark things right out of the gate end up being whack jobs.”

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