15 Fashion Hacks That Every Girl Should Definitely Know

We all have our little tips and tricks for looking and feeling good. Mine for feeling good is plenty of wine! Feeling good? Darned if I know.

But you’ll never have heard about all of these amazing and simple ways you can keep your clothes looking great.

These everyday hacks take zero effort, but will have your appearance smartened up in such little time!

It’s so easy to get these little tips into your life, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t hear about them sooner!

I bet there’s a few you’ll want to try as soon as you read about them, and others that are sure to solve problems you’ve had literally for years!

So without any further ado, let’s bowl right along with some amazing beauty tips you’ll just be dying to share with your friends!

1. How to roll up your sleeves like a pro

So now you know! You’ll definitely be using this simple method, right? I think I’ll be passing this tip on to my great grandkids in my will for goodness’ sake!

2. If your pants are riding up when you are wearing boots, use a mitten clip to keep them under control

I would NEVER have thought of that use! And all from a clip that’s supposed to keep mittens on a child’s coat! Well I never!

3. How to roll up your pants (that aren’t skinny jeans) so they fit in your boots

We have ALL had this problem at one time or another, and now it’s a thing of the past!

4. Use a bra strap under your strapless bra to keep it from slipping down

Wait, you do what now? Jeez Louise that’s a simple solution, it’s a thumbs up from me too!

5. Straighten your collar if it’s wrinkled

It seems so obvious looking at it, and yet I never would have though of using my hair straighteners like this!

6. Make your own vintage tees

Wow, get the look without having to search out that perfect vintage t shirt!

7. How to get rid of stinky smells from inside your shoes

Okay, nobody’s feet smell amazing, especially after a long day or a gym workout. But this tip can eliminate odors! What an easy solution for a common problem, using something everybody has at home! Ingenious!

8. If your underwire is poking through, put a piece of moleskin over it instead of throwing it away

Imagine how much money that will save you in the long run!

9. Use panty-liners to prevent sweat stains

Just like this, at the top of your shirt sleeves. Or is it the bottom? Well anyway, now you know!

10. Add some glam to your heels with sparkles

We’ve all seen shoes like this in stores for insane prices, but just buying a nice pair of plain heels and customizing them yourself with glitter and glue is a great solution! What a cute weekend task to keep you busy this Sunday!

11. Clear nail polish applied to a thread will keep a button from unraveling

Nobody wants to spend time mending clothes when they shed a button. You can stop it from even happening in the first place with this dandy little tip! Easy!

12. Use wax to waterproof your shoes

Wow, that really would be handy, since so many shoes you buy these days seem to just let water flood in!

13. Use a key-ring to keep the zipper on your jeans up

Well that’s the perfect tip, an easy solution to a very common problem!

14. Use a baby wipe to get rid of those deodorant annoying stains

Ugh, what a pain! These are such a nightmare to get rid of, too. Well, they used to be anyway! Next time I’ll just reach for the baby wipes!

15. Use lemons to remove those yucky sweats stains from your clothes!

Is there anything those little yellow wonders can’t do?

If you have any tips or hacks yourself that you would like to share, then don’t keep them to yourself! We would love to hear from you, so don’t be shy! Leave a COMMENT, and don’t forget to SHARE this article, to get everybody else’s closely guarded wardrobe secrets. I bet you’ll be surprised at what you learn!

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