15 Interesting Facts About Back Dimples You Probably Didn’t Know

Ever noticed those dimples at the bottom of your back? No? Well, that’s because not everybody has them!

Every single person’s body sure is different, but back dimples are one of those characteristics that some people have and some people don’t.

If you don’t have them, it’s purely a genetic thing, so there’s no way of getting them for somebody who doesn’t already have a pair of their own. So it’s a pretty exclusive club, and one that you’re either a member of, or you’re not!

Maybe you know them by other names, but you’ll get to learn all about those as we go along!

Some people look at them as being a highly desirable cosmetic feature, but that’s all they are. Purely cosmetic, they don’t have an actual function in the body at all.

So whether you have them or not, read on and we bet you’ll discover some new information about these interesting features that you had no idea about!

1. Often back dimples are referred to as the ‘dimples of Venus’

But you might know them as back dimples, or perhaps butt dimples or even Venusian dimples!

2. They are much more common on women than men

Just one of the ways that women’s physiology is different than males’.

3. That doesn’t mean a man can’t get them though!

Check them out on this guy!

4. They are sometimes considered to be a mark of beauty

Which is why they are named for Venus, the Roman goddess of love!

5. In classical paintings and statues, you’ll often find models with pronounced back dimples

It goes to show how highly they were thought of in the art world!

6. The actual medical name for these back dimples is Lateral Lumbar Indentations

So I guess that title is a good reason why we go with shortened names for them!

7. They sit on the transverse or axial plane of your body

Which means they’re pretty much exactly halfway up!

8. They are caused by ligaments pulling under the skin in that area

According to medical descriptions, they are created by a short ligament stretching between the posterior superior iliac spine and the skin. Fancy!

9. Basically, the reason why back dimples look like they do is simply due to the placement and shape of the pelvis and backbone

Some people think that the position of bones and muscle in the body that causes these dimples is a sign of good circulation.

10. If you have back dimples of your own, they were probably passed down to you from your mom

They’re the type of characteristic that is genetic in nature.

11. Some claim that women who have these dimples reach climax during sex more easily

But actually there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support that claim. Sorry ladies!




12. Some people can have much more pronounced back dimples than others

The size, shape and appearance of the dimples depends on a lot of things, like the person’s weight, body shape and how athletic they are.

13. There are even exercises if you want to enhance them

If you have back dimples and want to make them look bigger, there are exercises for that! Certain exercises involving bending your back will engage the lower back muscles and core muscles. You’ll get a great strength workout and it can also make those back dimples more pronounced.

14. If you really want to call attention to your back dimples, you can get them pierced

Argh, that looks so painful! Now that really would be showing off those things!

15. There are even cosmetic surgeries you can get to give you back dimples now!

Who would go through so much for that?

There’s just one thing that’s definitely for sure about them, and it’s that there are absolutely no risks or medical effects associated with having back dimples.

So did you learn something new about you or your partner’s body today? Maybe you’re the proud owner of back dimples of your very own, or maybe you’ve just never noticed them either on yourself or anybody else.

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