16 Weird And Wonderful Restaurants From All Around The World

I don’t know about you, but I love getting all dressed up to go and have a beautiful meal at a nice restaurant.

To be honest, it could be any restaurant or even a drive through. Just as long as I don’t have to cook or do the washing up afterwards.

Am I right ladies?! Of course I am!

There are all sorts of wonderful restaurants around the world, places you reserve for special occasions.

But there are also a few outrageously weird restaurants from all around the world that will simply blow your mind.

I honestly can’t believe places like this exist!

Take a look for yourself!

1. Haunted

The Ram Inn, England is an ancient and legendary inn that is actually listed as one of the most haunted places in the world!

The haunting that have taken place within date back centuries.

The Inn was originally built on a pagan burial ground and it’s said to have been a place where child sacrifice took place. 

2. Safe Eating

Cabbages & Condoms in Thailand is know for it’s odd combination of vegetarianism and safe-sex.

The restaurant gives out condoms at the end of every meal, and even their staff wear them—on their heads- while thier working.

The restaurant’s slogan is “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.”

3. Toilet

Modern Toilet is a popular restaurant in Taiwan.  All of the food is served to you out of a toilet. You even sit on a toilet, and drink out of a toilet-mug!

I wonder what the bathrooms look like in there?

4. Snow Village

Snow Village, Finland, is an entire village that has been built out of ice, you can dine in a frozen palace which has LED lighting. 

5. Sky High

Dinner In The Sky is the dining experience of a life time, but it’s rather expensive.  This experience is available in more than 15 countries, but you have to be willing to fork out $40,000 on this gourmet dinner above your favorite city.

6. Heart Attack

Heart Attack Grill is in Nevada. It’s meals are infamous for being high in calories. They’re famous policy of “350+ eat free” has caused quite a stir over the years, as many feel like they promote obesity and overeating.

7. Sex Sells

Ever wanted to eat a meal with a blow-up doll? No, I didn’t think so.

At Funny Sex, Taiwan you can dine with a blow-up doll and drink out of a breast-mug!

The menu is made up of genitalia-shaped foods, and they even have handy charts that show the average sizes from around the world.

8. Comic Idea

The Robot Restaurant in Japan is a the place you want to go if you love robots.

They have robot fights, half naked waitresses, neon lights, and even a robot theatre.

9. Disaster Strikes

Disaster Cafe, Spain, closed in 2015.

But before it closed it had everyone waiting ages to catch a glimpse of the inside.

The entire restaurant would rumble during dinner at random intervals, which allegedly simulated a 7.8 earthquake.

10. Mars

Mars 2112 in New York is a staple restaurant in Times Square.

Mars 2112 has been serving out-of-this-world meals for almost twenty years now!

11. Two Locations

O.NOIR in Canada currently has two locations in Montreal and Toronto.

O.NOIR gives a whole new meaning to the term blind date. Diners experience a meal while completely blind, there’s no lights, and phones, flashlights, and watches aren’t allowed in the dining room.

They even have a “surprise me” menu, where you are able to try and guess the meal without seeing it. 

12. Ithaa

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is in the Maldives.

The restaurant is located 16 feet below sea level and covered with a transparent dome. The diners are able to eat and watch as schools of fish and other sea animals live just outside the restaurant. Pretty neat, right?

13. Safe And Sound

Safe House, Milwaukee, is a spy-themed restaurant on a nondescript corner in Milwaukee.

There’s no advertising outside, and you need a password to get in.

14. Ninjas

Ninja New York, in (you guessed it) New York is the place you should go if you want to dine with Ninjas. The wait staff are trained acrobats, that jump and roll around the restaurant as they serve you your meals.

15. Cats

Cat Cafe, Japan is a coffee shop with a very odd set of guests. Cats. 

You can enjoy your coffee or tea while surrounded by some very friendly and furry friends. 

16. Jail Time

Fortezza Medicea in Italy is a restaurant where you can eat like a prisoner. At this restaurant you’re actually served your food by real inmates in a cell and eat with plastic sporks.

What do you think about these weird and wacky restaurants?

Let me know in the COMMENTS, I love hearing from you!

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