22 Hilarious Responses To Wrong Number Texts

I don’t know about you but usually, whenever someone sends a text to the wrong person it usually ends up with them soon realizing their mistake and moving on from the conversation and never speaking to said person ever again.

Sometimes, we put a lot of time and effort into our texts.

We can spend a while trying to search for the right for. And when we’re done, we’re oddly proud of the masterpiece we’ve written.

But, there is nothing more heartbreaking than pouring your heart and soul out into a text message only to discover that you’ve sent it to the wrong number!

It’s honestly one of the worst things you can do!

Texting the wrong person is always a big mistake, but these poor souls are never going to be able to live it down!

To make you feel better about the time you accidentally sent a rude text to your boss or distant relative, here are 22 hilarious texts that were sent to the wrong person!

1. This Is Dog

No wonder he’s text the wrong number. He’s clearly blind! That is not a cat, it’s a dog!

2. I Want One 

That’s so mean. That texter is such a tease and a big old meanie!

3. The Queen

That’s both hilarious and kind of sad. Come back, she’s lonely!

4. I’m Free

That’s one very proud American! I’ve got to admit, this has had me laughing my socks off for ten minutes!

5. Medical Text

I wonder if he got the job because that’s pretty impressive!

6. Unlawful Texts

It’s a good thing he wasn’t trying to plan anything illegal.

7. No Wife Tonight

That’s some pretty damn good legal advice, I think he’s going to need it!

8. So Drunk

I bet that was a cheap taxi ride home!

9. Buzzed Up

How on earth did he get Buzz Lightyear’s phone number? I didn’t even know he had a phone number!

10. Jessica, Are You There?

Your right. That doesn’t look like a Jessica at all!

11. Who Is This?

Well that was a really weird opening to a wrong number text, but I want to hear more about this!

12. Come Over

Ouch, don’t you hate it when people do this? So mean!

13. You Suck

Ouch, that’s a bit harsh! I wonder what put him in a bad mood.

14. What You Wearing?

Talk about awkward! I wonder if his girlfriend found out!

15. Dad’s Dead

Yeah, telling someone their dad is dead isn’t a thing you should text!

16. I Like You

Aww, he just wanted a girlfriend! I bet he’s heart broken!

17. Spooky 

I bet whoever sent that text is literally pooping their pants!

18. I’m Sorry For Pooping

What a messy mistake they’ve made! Talk about awkward!

19. Swapping Shifts

Ouch! That was kind of mean to hold back on telling them they’ve got the wrong number!

20. This Is Patrick

Ok, this has to be the best response I’ve seen all day!

21. Thank You

I would ask for compensation if this happened to me!

22. Hello There

Ok, so I guess he was given the wrong number! Talk about awkward!

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