25 Funny People You'll Only Find At Walmart

Who doesn’t love Walmart?

This huge retail change has everything you could ever want under one store.

Need food, it’s got it. Need clothes, Walmart has you covered! Want to buy the latest electronics, come on down to Walmart.

Hell, this superstore even has jewellery!

It’s a store where people can find some of the cheapest deals.

However, people can also find the strangest customers in their local Walmart.

Whether it’s the low prices or the fluorescent lights that attract them, I don’t know.

In honor of the people who shop at the family chain, we’ve collected the 25 funny photos from PeopleOfWalmart.com.

So sit back and enjoy!

1. Short Short

When they’re worn like that then no. Short shorts definitely aren’t cute.

2. Outside Pants

I know I’m not an expert but generally, I don’t think that’s how you wear pants!

3. No Face Mask 

Maybe don’t wear your face mask to Walmart, it’s not a great look!

4. Sleepy Head

Who thought that was a good idea? Don’t try this at your local Walmart store!

5. Sweet Head

The perfect hair accessory for anyone with a sweet tooth!

6. High Up

What can I say? Big butts are very handy from time to time!

7. The Big News

Aww, a Walmart proposal? How romantic! I wonder if they have a Walmart themed wedding?

8. Long Hair

I wonder if she’s in Walmart because she’s ran out of hair bobbles?

9. Creepy Dolls In A Car 

That isn’t creepy at all… I’m lying. It’s incredibly creepy!

10. Out And About

Maybe bringing that kind of doll out in public isn’t the best move you can make!

11. Crazy Makeup

I’m ok with people wearing makeup, but this is a bit crazy!

12. Too Much Going On

I know fashion is a way of expressing yourself, but there’s a lot going on here!

13. ‘Woman’ Here

I didn’t think you needed a sign to be a woman… Oh god, am I a woman?

14. Curly Toes

Maybe it’s time to get your toe nails cut if they look like this? That must make walking very tricky!

15. Don’t Do That

Maybe save that for when customers aren’t about. I really hope he doesn’t end up shaking anyone’s hands after this!

16. Boxed Up

That’s pretty impressive! I wonder if I can make one of those!

17. Walmart Dating 

I suppose that’s one way of getting yourself back into the dating scene!

18. Halloween Shopping

I couldn’t manage walking in heels that high, no wonder he’s using a walking stick to help him!

19. Matted Hair

Maybe she’s going to Walmart to buy a hair brush?

20. Stripper Heels

Hmm…. I wonder where she works?

21. Wedding Time

Why go to your own wedding when you can go to Walmart?

22. Christmas Mad!

I think someone is a little too keen on Christmas!

23. Pink Hair

Someone looks like they are having fun while shopping at Walmart.

24. Walmart Style

It’s crazy how some people dress up for going shopping at Walmart!

25. Fishing Tank 

I’m pretty sure those fish tanks aren’t meant for that strange activity!

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