This Model Was Left Crying Purple Tears And Could Lose Her Sight After An Eye Tattoo Went HORRIBLY Wrong

A Canadian model recently underwent a procedure to get the whites of her eyes colored, but got way more than she bargained for.

Now Catt Gallinger, 24, could lose her sight in that eye or even need to have her eye surgically removed!

The model underwent procedure to get the whites of her eyes colored, which is a process called a sclera tattoo, last month in her home city of Ottawa.

But for obvious reasons she now calls the body modification experience a “massive mistake”.

The former pet nutritionist said the first sign that something was wrong was when purple liquid began oozing from her eye! Ugh!

She immediately went to hospital to seek medical attention, but from there matters only got more serious. She says her eye only got worse as the purple ink began clumping around her cornea, and doctors now say her eye is permanently damaged.

Her right eye may even have to be removed after the eye tattoo procedure she received went horribly wrong.

Catt is now is recovering slowly but steadily over the past month at her home in Ottawa following her decision to get the sclera tattoo. It’s a procedure which colors in the whites of the eye by introducing ink and is a permanent effect.

The model has bravely shared the horrifying results of the procedure on social media to discourage others from making the same mistake that she has.

The images posted on Facebook show the 24-year-old former pet nutritionist in the various stages of recovery. It all follows her first visit to the hospital last month when she complained of a purple discharge coming out of her eye.

Medical professionals were understandably concerned, but all they could do at that point was to administer antibiotic eye drops to the affected area and send Catt home.

But shortly after receiving that treatment, her eye swelled up so much that it actually became swollen shut.

She rushed back to hospital, where doctors then gave Catt steroid drops to alleviate her symptoms, but after three weeks the purple tattoo began to congeal around her cornea, blurring the vision in her eye and causing her intense discomfort.

Now she claims she has had to spend hundreds of dollars on prescriptions to treat her eye condition so far, and also says that her modeling career is on hold for the time being, with no way to make income for now.

Now speaking out about the dangers of sclera tattoos, Catt has urged others to be cautious of this radical body modification.

~Video Update~Sclera Stain/Tattoo Procedure Gone WrongYes you are allowed to share, in fact please do.

Catt Gallinger 发布于 2017年9月25日

She says that anyone considering undergoing the procedure should definitely, “look into not just the artist and their portfolio, but to talk to some of their clients, talk to other artists about them and get experiences beforehand”.

So why exactly did she even want a sclera tattoo to begin with? Surely she knew the dangers involved with a procedure affected such a sensitive part of the body? Well, Catt has said that the modification was meant to help her feel more at home in her own body.

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Catt Gallinger 发布于 2017年9月20日

But now she’s questioning whether that was worth it for everything she has gone through so far. Physicians have even warned Catt that her eye has sustained permanent damage and will either have to be removed completely, or her vision could remain totally blurry and never get any better.

For now however, Catt is just hopeful that surgery will prevent her condition from getting any worse.

Doctors have indicated that the size of the needle, the depth it was inserted into her eye, and the amount of ink used in the prodecure was to blame for causing her initial symptoms.

Now they fear that any infection in her eye is trapped in the excess ink, which contaminated Catt’s eye because the tattoo equipment had not been properly sterilized.

They made this diagnosis after they noticed the purple ink had begun to clump around Catt’s cornea, and her doctors now say her eye is permanently damaged at least, and at worst may have to be removed in the future.

So what do you think about all of this? Would you tolerate such dangers for a cosmetic procedure like this? Or do you think it is most important to be comfortable in your own body like Catt wanted to be, and that it’s important how you look?

Whatever your perspective, these icky, inky photos will surely have given you food for thought!

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