16 Amazing Inventions That Will Change Your Life

I love gadgets, it seems like there’s something for every little predicament you can think of nowadays, even some you didn’t know you had! That’s why we’ve found 16 of the most amazing inventions that will make your life so much easier. Trust me, by the time you’ve finished reading this, every single item will be on your online shopping wish list!

1. A cake tin that will help you slice

This is a perfect gift for any bakers out there, if they use this their layered cakes will always be perfect!

2. The TravelMate Suitcase

This suitcase is better at sticking to your heels than a well trained dog! It’ll follow you wherever you go and uses sensors to stop it bumping into things. Your holiday packing will never be easier!

3. Spyntex changeable furniture

You can move and mould the panels of this smart furniture into any shape you’d like. You’ll never have to worry about your posture again!

4. An umbrella that opens upwards

This umbrella is super strong and opens upwards so you won’t ever have to get wet. This is the umbrella we’ve all been waiting for!

5.  Back shaver

Grab one of these for your man and you won’t have to go through the gross ritual of shaving their back ever again. The long handle means they’ll be able to reach any unruly hair by themselves, finally!

6. A backpack that prevents theft

Backpacks are great but it’s scary to think that a pickpocket could get into your bag while you’re walking around. Well, this backpack can’t be opened while it’s on your back, meaning you can stop worrying about the valuables you’re carrying around.

7. Turn your tap into a simple drinking fountain

Sure, you could get yourself a glass of water, but why would you when you could just squeeze the bottom of this gadget and drink straight from the tap?!

8. Water bottle armband

Wetsleeve, spor yaparken bir taraftan su şişesi veya çantada hantal matara taşıma külfetini ortadan kaldırarak matarayı kol bandına dönüşürüyor. Koşu, bisiklet, yürüyüş, kaykay, doğa yürüyüşü, yoga veya herhangi bir fiziksel aktivitede, biraz hareket ettiğimizde vücudumuz su kaybediyor ve su içmemiz gerekiyor. Fakat spor veya aktivite sırasında suya ulaşmak çok da kolay değil. Bel veya sırt çantasından mataramızı çıkaracağız ya da elimizde sürekli su şişesi taşıyacağız. Ancak bunlar her zaman en konforlu çözüm olmuyor. Nedenlerini görmek de hiç zor değil. Kickstarter’da 25 bin dolarlık fon hedefini aşarak 175 bin dolar destek toplayan Wetsleeve, ön kola takılan bir bant gibi kolu saran bir matara. 350 ml hacimli Wesleeve’in ağızlık kısmı bilek üzerinde dururken hiçbir hareketinize güçlük çıkarmıyor. Böylece siz spor yaparken veya şehirde günlük rutindeyken su ihtiyacınızı tek bir kol hareketiyle giderebiliyorsunuz. Çalkalanmaya, tere dayanıklı olan Wetsleeve, kolay ulaşılabilmesi ve konforuyla her aktivitede kullanabileceğiniz bir yoldaş olmayı hedefliyor. Yeniden doldurmak da oldukça kolay. Bant ve fermuarla açıktan sonra içindeki tüpü doldurabiliyorsunuz. Ardından ağzını mühürleyip katlıyorsunuz. Böylece su içeride kalıyor ve bantın içine tüpü atıp yolunuza devam edebiliyorsunuz.

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Ideal for those who are always on the go. This looks like a simple armband but can be filled with water so you don’t have to lug a water bottle around in your hands. Simple!

9. Trashcan barcode scanner

This smart gadget reads the barcodes of everything you throw away and uses that information to make your very own online shopping list! Clever, huh?

10. Garden sensor

Another smart gadget, this one will help out anyone who loves their garden but misplaced their green thumb. This sensor will work out what your plant needs, like watering or weeding, and send an alert to your smartphone so you can take care of it! You’ll never have to feel guilty about killing a plant again!

11. Ladies’ Travel Toilet

Super useful if you find yourself high and dry without somewhere to pee, just use this travel toilet to do your business without leaving a mess. It’s also useful if you don’t want to touch the toilets in filthy public restrooms!

12. Boob Support Band

If you hate how your boobs bounce around when you exercise, this is the gadget for you! It helps to support your boobs and keep them in place while you run, jump, dance or whatever else you want to do!

13. Ear cleaning gadget

We all know we shouldn’t use q-tips to clean our ears but we do anyway because what else is there to use? Well now you can grab this little reusable ear cleaning gadget that will leave your ears squeaky clean and will keep your eardrums safe.

14. Shrinking portable bottle

This cool looking bottle shrinks down to half its size so you can put it straight into your purse and still have room for everything else you need.

15. Glasses camera

Ever missed that picture perfect moment and regretted it for ages afterwards? Not any more! This little camera attaches to your glasses so you can have every special moment caught on camera.

16. A toothbrush with a camera

Its hard to know if your teeth are really clean when it’s just you, your toothbrush and your bathroom mirror. But this toothbrush has a built in camera so you can spot every little bit of plaque and brush it away!

What’s the craziest invention you’ve ever seen? Do you have an idea for an amazing gadget that you wish was real? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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