20 Cringeworthy Weddings We're Glad We Weren't Invited To

Most of the time, when you go to a wedding you know you’re in for a lovely day that celebrates the love of a wonderful couple in a way that’s uniquely them. Sometimes though, you go a wedding that leaves you asking ‘why? Just why?’ These are 20 cringeworthy wedding photos that will leave you asking so many questions that you’ll feel like you were actually there yourself!

1. Because who wouldn’t want a raw chicken to be part of their special day?

I’ve heard of couples releasing birds at weddings, but this is ridiculous!

2. I hope she didn’t spend a lot on that dress!

And what are the Tin Man and the Wicked Witch of the West doing there? I’m so confused!

3. The wedding venue was a real fixer upper!

I think the trash can in the foreground was a lovely addition to the day.

4. There’s gotta be a really crazy story behind this one!

I’m imagining a drama of soap opera proportions here!

5. Well, at least they’re being safe?

Is this just their way of telling their families that they don’t plan on having children?

6. That’s what you get for starting the wedding meal early!

You think this is bad? You should see what she’s capable of with a croissant!

7. A couple who slays together stays together

It’s just a shame that all the wedding guests are going to come down with a serious case of zombie-ism.

8. It was all going so well until she lost the key to the chastity belt!

That’s gonna make for a very awkward wedding night!

9. Hands to yourself!

Does anyone else think the bride looks a little like Taylor Swift? Maybe this will be the inspiration for her new album.

10. He looks lazy, but really she’s just a much better mechanic than him.

Although really, why would you want this in your wedding album?

11. When I said I wanted to get married in a castle, this wasn’t what I meant.

At least the food was delicious!

12. You can tell that the bride isn’t impressed

This is not what she imagined her big day to be like.

13. Nobody wants to start married life with a concussion!

He’ll be lucky if he can remember the big day at all!

14. This is a stick up!

I love how bored the guy in the front looks by all this. Clearly this isn’t his first bride-napping!

15. This wasn’t meant to be a photo opportunity

She was just trying to escape in any way she could!

16. Don’t worry honey, I’ll be done with work by the time the ceremony begins!

She’s really, really dedicated to her job.

17. That’s certainly an interesting dress code

The fact that these fashion choices will be forever preserved in photograph form makes me really sad for humanity.

18. I just don’t get this. At all.

Are they just really big fans of tricycles or something?

19. He’s her knight in shining armour!

And doesn’t she look just thrilled about it.

20. This is not how she wanted her big day to go.

I’ve never seen a bride look so shocked and terrified during her wedding!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding? Tell us all about the weird and wonderful day in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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