21 Of The Strangest Places People Have Ever Fallen Asleep Drunk

Most of us like a little drink every once in a while. To kick back and relax after a hard week, is there anything better than a nice cool glass of wine, or a crisp refreshing beer?

Who can ever stop at one though! So it’s back to the bar for another round of drinks. Hey, you worked hard this week, champ! You deserve it!

But then 7 hours and a lot of drinks later, you’re trying to order shots off a stray dog, you’ve sold one of your shoes and you’re starting to feel a little woozy.

What you wouldn’t give for some shuteye right about there! The strangest places can start to look amazingly comfortable! Park benches, flower beds, that stray dog who will NOT sell you shots…

Well, if you’re anything like these folks anyway! I’m not saying they’re alcoholics… but ‘alcohol enthusiasts’ doesn’t quite cover it either!

1. Sometimes when you’re drunk, it’s not the comfiest place you can rest your head that counts

It’s the one that makes the room stop spinning the most. Plus there’s the added bonus that you can barf to your heart’s content here. Well, your stomach’s anyway.

2. But if you’re gonna make a pillow, a slice of pizza will do the trick as good as anything

Plus it’s a yummy tasty snack for the moment you wake up!

3. Sir, I think you’ve had enough let me call you a cab

“Why would you want to call me a cab? I’m a husky!”

4. Some people lay down and pull a blanket over themselves when they get into bed drunk

This guy? Well he lay down on the floor and flipped a table over on himself. Same difference I guess!

5. You know you’re drunk if you fall asleep on your own boobs

At least it looks more comfortable than falling asleep on a freakin’ pizza!

6. Drunk people mistake faceplanting for taking a lay down all the time

I guess that’s what you call styling it out, and going to sleep!

7. You definitely know you’re drunk when you close your front door and then – BAM!

You fall face first into your hallway. What the heck is this girl’s obsession with that coin on the floor anyway?

8. When you just call into the grocery store for some post beer snacks

And you wind up collapsing and taking half of the store down with you.

9. Is this guy some sort of karate expert to be chopping through wooden planks like that?

Nope, but he’s certainly a black belt in being a freakin’ idiot.

10. Well, where to begin with this one?

Is that a tent? Yup. On a roof? Yep. With a full size beer keg? Uh-huh. And a guy passed out? Sure is, thanks for playing!

11. It’s amazing how drunk people can fold up like they do

You just try doing that sober, there’s no freakin’ way!

12. Wow, that’s a strange looking tree

Nope, just a really original place to pass out drunk!

13. When you get to the blackout drunk stage, it doesn’t really matter what day it is

No matter what your plans are for the rest of the evening, I’m afraid it’s sleepy bye bye time for you!

14. Well, well, well… look what the cat dragged in!

That is gonna hurt in the morning… and you KNOW that cat will be as annoyed as all heck, too!

15. Is this the scene of an accident, or was this drunk guy just REALLY determined to get to bed?

Either way, he is nowhere near that bed!

16. How much wood could a drunk woodchuck chuck if a ch- if a drunk chu- if a… ah, forget it

Next time you sleep in a hotel bed and the mattress is uncomfortable, just think about this guy right here!

17. When people are gathered all around you taking photos of the state you got yourself in…

I think you can officially say you’ve had enough to drink. At least call it quits before you get mostly naked like this guy!

18. I’m not sure who’s more drunk, the guy or the pig

I would imagine the next morning he would be thinking, ‘Wow, I had the craziest dream last night’. Then the pig wakes up next to him saying, ‘Me too!’.

19. These guys I guess aren’t actually asleep

But if they fall asleep any time soon then they’ll be in big trouble!

20. Like I was saying, if a crowd has gathered and they’re taking photos of you, quit before you puke or pee your- oh.

Sure, the windshield of a car is a GREAT place to sleep. You do you, son. You do you.

21. And finally, drum roll please…

Ta-dah! That guy really nailed that landing. It’s a 10 from me.

Have you ever been in such a drunken state that wherever you laid your hat was your home for the night? But you weren’t even wearing a hat that night? If you’re brave enough, you can tell us all about it with a COMMENT, and don’t forget to SHARE the laughs if you enjoyed this article!

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