8 Signs That You Might Be Too Stressed For Life Today

We’ve all felt stressed at some time in our lives. Maybe it was over an exam or a looming deadline at work that you just weren’t prepared for, no matter the cause, we can all agree that it freakin’ sucks! But how stressed are you on a day to day basis, when life is chugging along as normal? Take a look at these eight stressful signs that will tell you if you’re more stressed than you should be!

1. You’re a worry wart!

If your brain is constantly going round in circles with worst case scenarios, chances are you’re stressed! There’s only one way you can fix this, and that’s by finding the source of all your worry and fixing it as soon as possible!

2. Loss of sex drive

If you’re struggling to get ‘in the mood’ it could be because you’re too stressed to just relax with your partner. Stress can also alter your hormones, including the ones responsible for your sex drive, resulting in loss of libido.

3. You’re lying awake at night

If you’re exhausted but can’t drift off and spend your nights staring at the ceiling, guess what? It’s stress! It’s time to get to the root of what’s stressing you out before your lack of sleep leaves you feeling like a cranky toddler who hasn’t had a nap.

4. Weight changes

This one could go either way, stress can cause you to waste away or pile on the pounds depending on how it changes your appetite. Stress can cause a lot of us to comfort eat, and let’s face it, nobody reaches for kale when they want comfort food. So if your jeans are feeling a little tight, maybe evaluate your stress levels and whether they’re affecting your diet.

5. You’ve got no patience

Are you snapping at people more and more lately? Finding yourself getting annoyed at the slightest things? Could be your stress is getting the better of you! Sit back and work out what’s causing your stress before your friends have to stage an anger intervention!

6. Hair loss

Have you been brushing your hair and finding your brush stuffed full of hair afterwards? If it’s way more than usual, your precious locks could be feeling the effects of stress. Do your ‘do a favour and solve whatever’s stressing you out as soon as you can, hair loss can be stressful enough by itself without the help!

7. Body pain

Aches and pains that seem to have no cause could be down to stress. When you’re stressed your muscles tense and release all at once which could cause you sudden pain or other problems like diarrhoea or palpitations! Get your stress sorted before things get out of hand, okay my little stress ball?

8. Restlessness

Feeling like you can’t just sit still and relax? Could it be that you’re avoiding something that’s stressing you out? We all need our chill time, so it’s time to confront that niggling stressor before your lack of relaxation time makes you more stressed than you already are!

Are you feeling stressed out today? Are you familiar with any of the signs of stress on this list? Let us know all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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