This Guy Keeps Photoshopping Himself Into Celebrities Lives And It's Hilarious!

There are a lot of people who are rather handy with photoshop.

They’re able to edit and change photos in a matter of seconds. These photo wizards are even able to add in details that weren’t there in the original photo. Pretty clever, right?

These people use magic to create moments in memories. It’s rather remarkable.

We’re so use to seeing photoshop in our day to day life.

It’s on Facebook, on Instagram. It’s on film posters, in adverts, whether they’re paper ads or ads we see on TV.

Photoshop is in many corners of our life.

Usually photoshop is used to edit photos, make people look different to what they really look like, or to alter photos and add something that wasn’t there originally in.

It seems pretty simple and ordinary to us, but there is one guy who is changing the rules of photoshop.

Robert Van Impe is also known on the internet as Average Rob. He’s a self described ‘mediocre dude’ from Belgium who has gotten the whole internet laughing their pants off. 

He is a digital artist and comedian, and he has a Master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from Coventry University. He even works as a journalist for Belgian comedy magazine Humo!

Impressive, right?

Well, in his spare time Robert likes to add himself into the glamorous photos of celebrities.

Most celebrities aren’t exactly known for hanging around with ‘average’ people, but Robert is the exception (not that they have any choice). 

Take a look at these hilariously edited photos down below!

1.Three’s A Crowd

I wonder if Rose will take the hint and leave him and Jack to it?

2. Hidden Talent

Who knew photo editing wasn’t Robert’s only secret talent?

3. Doggie Past Time

Well, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean for this photo to look as weird as it does!

4. Spider Man

That looks like a very sore wedgie! I’m glad I’m not him!

5. Kardashian Pals

I wonder if Robert is Kim’s surrogate? What do you think?

6. Hide And Seek

Maybe try closing the door Robert! No one wants to smell the aftermath of your trip to Taco Bell!

7. Daddy?

I wonder if he can photoshop me in that photo. I wouldn’t mind it if Ryan Reynolds held me for a while!

8. Too Drunk

I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually happened to Justin Bieber in real life!

9. A Classic

This one almost had me fooled for a moment! It’s so realistic.

10. High Five

Well that looks a little nippy, doesn’t it?!

11. Lord Of The Rings

Wait, he was in Lord Of The Rings?!

12. One Of The Girls

It looks like these two are having a lot of fun!

13. Cold Shoulder

That doesn’t look like a good idea!

14. May The Force

Didn’t anyone tell him to be careful with those lightsabers?

15. It’s Kicking!

I wonder if the baby is going to kick him in the head?

16. Star Man

I never expected to see anything like this!

17. Girl Power

Aww, he’s just one of the girls!

18. Wash Off

Wait, Robert gets to hang out with David Beckham? No fair!

19. Poltical Friends

This guy has some pretty impressive connections!

20. Put It Away

Put it away, your ruining their selfie!

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