15+ Hilarious Times People Instantly Regretted Their Decisions

Ever done something that you’ve regretted instantly? You move in slow motion or time stops, with just one thought going through your mind.

Usually it’s, “this was a terrible idea”. Sometimes your brain goes with, “this is really gonna hurt”. Other times it’s just a simple, “well, that was really stupid of you”.

It’s like that moment when you answered back your mom when you were a kid. There was that few seconds between when you opened your mouth, her heckles raising, and THEN she took off on you.

But in that moment, your heart sank, your stomach sank… your butt probably sank too. Overall, you knew you had just made a huge mistake.

There are moments in adult life when you get that feeling back. These are just some folks who are right in that moment right now.

1. You think that guy has regrets? You should’ve seen the chicken who laid all these!

Sometimes it’s better to just quit your job on the spot, and walk on home. Nobody would hold it against you, just make a clean break.

2. I’d say it probably will, buddy!

What, the spinning plastic brushes meant for scrubbing dirt off cars? Nah, I think it will be baby soft against your skin!

3. As expensive mistakes go, this is one step below ‘crashing a luxury cruise liner’

But at least it’s just above ‘parking ticket on a fighter jet’! You gotta be thankful for small mercies in this life.

4. The worst part is, Brenda isn’t even this guy’s wife!

She’s just a woman who lives across the street! Wait until she’s sees this! She’ll be… thrilled.

5. Here’s a a case in point where if your buddies tell you to jump in a puddle, you be immediately suspicious!

Is it deep? Not at all, of course not! Okay so maybe a little deep. Screw it, that puddle is deeper than a psychology textbook! He fell for that so hard!

6. As advertisements for Subway go, this was one of their more pathetic campaigns

In normal clothes, this would be sad. In a giant sandwich costume though? It’s so sad that it’s freakin’ hilarious! I would definitely not be laughing if my actual Subway sandwich got this wet however, no sir.

7. Guess you shouldn’t have been browsing so hard

Sometimes time just flies by when you’re wandering around a department store, but I never thought it flew this much! I would just go to the homeware section and hunker down for the night if I was this guy.

8. Oh man, I really feel for this person

That is their LIFE now, do you understand? That will NEVER EVER stop for the rest of time! I guess mom just out-mommed herself.

9. Ever wanted to feel like you were drowning, but in soda and not water?

No, me neither! And yet here we are. It’s really no wonder we’re screwed as a species, right?

10. Even if you don’t know what cortizone is, you KNOW it doesn’t taste as nice as toothpaste

On the other hand, now you have the perfect prank to play on your roommate who wakes you up super early every morning. You’re welcome!

11. That looks pretty painful, kid

Even the ladies surely are able to tell how much this looks like it hurts! At least he’ll have gotten a newfound appreciation of how much childbirth hurts after this.

12. At least now your hand matches your soul

You can scare kids with that thing. Tell them you reached under your bed and a monster grabbed you and it’s been like this ever since. I run a twice-weekly seminar in how to ruin childhoods. That’s a freebie.

13. Let’s go through the list of mistakes here. Quickly, we haven’t got all day.

Screwed pizza? Check. Sore hands? Oh, definitely check. Angry customer? I’m willing to bet on that. Angry manager? Oh, you’d better believe it! First days on the job can really be tough sometimes!

14. Yeah I remember the first time I regretted turning a snowman into a fat alligator too

It was the worst. But hey, you live and you learn! This lady has just learned that baking is not for her!

15. Now, is this a regret, or resourcefully making the best out of a bad situation?

Because in my book, that’s pretty freakin’ quick thinking. I’d have gone with cutting off the laces, but maybe that’s just my destructive personality type.

16. What’s the bigger regret? Going on the ride…

Or whoever bought the photo of this girl derping so hard her face almost turned inside out? This photo is probably on somebody’s mantel somewhere.

So which was your favorite picture? Maybe you remember a time that you failed so hard you wished the ground would just swallow you up whole. Tell us all about it with a COMMENT, if you’re brave enough. Also if you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to SHARE it with your family and friends!

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