15 People Who Came Up With Brilliant Schemes For The Trickiest Situations

It takes some quick thinking to get through life these days! Seems like every day there’s something new and weird waiting to catch you out!

We’re all constantly running into situations that we have no choice but to think on our feet to deal with.

It seems no matter what you do, there’s always somebody ready to spoil your fun, and make you do something you don’t really want to do.

So it seems like we’ve really had to adapt in order to get those little perks in life that most generations could get by cheating or swindling.

It’s not that we’re cheating or swindling here, it’s just that… well, let’s say we’re bending the rules a little anyway!

Here are some situations that it takes some quick thinking to get out of, and these folks were way up to the task!

1. Run out of vacation days in work?

No problem, just follow this lady’s lead! You might have to pay off the janitor or security, who might get a little concerned that you’ve worked for 48 hours straight at some point. Either that or bring them back something REALLY nice.

2. A little short on cash this month?

That is the most amazing money making scheme I’ve ever seen in my life. Maggie is a freakin’ role model, people! I don’t even think she needs that degree from Missouri Western State with a mind like hers!

3. Want to drink alcohol on the job without your co workers getting all judgey?

Everybody at work thinks she’s a professional photographer, when really… she’s a drunk!

4. Don’t want to pay movie theater prices for snacks?

You could… um… smuggle in a whole watermelon like these people… wait, who sneaks a WHOLE WATERMELON into a movie theater? At least hollow it out and take in some drinks if you’re that serious with the ‘fake pregnant belly’ angle!

5. Want some pizza, but you’re not allowed because you’re a dog?

Look at that innocent face! Little did the owners know that it’s a cute face that hides a scheming mind!

6. Want to get away with stuff you’re not allowed to do in work?

Take after this trickster and take a photo of a normal day in your office for security to see! Then you can have all the parties, dress down days and llamas in the office you please!

7. Want to keep more casual office hours if you’re a university professor?

Just stick a poster on your office door like this, to see how many people you can fool into clonking their head on the way through.

8. Want to return something you found under your bed from years ago?

With a little sweet talking, it turns out that some stores even take back clothes from a decade and a half ago! You just know it was the part time Saturday girl who wouldn’t care if the place burst into flames tomorrow who accepted this.

9. Want to sneak out of your house, and don’t particularly like your haircut?

Take a leaf out of Shannon and Keira’s book! Those crazy kids pulled off this impressive feat, kinda like Escape From Alcatraz, but without the football head!

10. Hiding under somebody’s bed, but also hungry too?

I don’t mind telling you that this is a very strange situation you’ve gotten yourself into.

11. Peckish for Panera, but don’t have any money on you?

You could always commit the perfect crime, like this person! Well, almost perfect… then you could come back later and buy the discounted box! Genius… sort of.

12. Want some dessert but don’t have the budget for it?

As long as you don’t mind getting the world’s tiniest creme brulee as a congratulations gift! Personally, if I had really gotten engaged in that restaurant, I would be pretty annoyed at the cr*ppiness of that dessert. I would expect a wedding-sized cake at least.

13. Want to cheat on that test rather than study for it? 

Wait, if all you had to do was to memorize 14 answers, just how hard was this test meant to be anyway?

14. Want to… well, you get the picture…

Sheesh, call the CIA, I think we found a brand new operative for them!

Have you ever fooled your way out of a tricky situation with some quick thinking and fancy talking? Don’t forget to let us know all about it with a COMMENT, and please feel free to SHARE this article if you enjoyed it!

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