16 Awkward Wedding Fails That Will Make You Cringe

Everybody loves going to a good wedding. There’s love in the air, it’s a good chance to catch up with family and friends and, most importantly, there’s free food! Most weddings are beautiful and make all of the attendees feel a little bit fuzzy inside, but the weddings in this article will make you feel less fuzzy and more baffled! Take a look for yourself…

1. If you’re going to unleash doves, maybe make sure your best man isn’t terrified by them first!

He looks like he’s about to cry and maybe wet himself a bit.

2. If I were her, I’d turn around and leave right then!

Do you promise to be thoroughly creeped out until death do you part?

3. Always check the background before taking your wedding photos!

I’m guessing that neither of these couples would have been very happy with this pic!

4. I know what this gross cake looks like, but what was it meant to be?

An animal? Jabba The Hutt? I have no idea at all!

5. Somebody’s about to start married life with a broken nose!

She looks way too excited by this idea, she’s definitely gonna aim for his face!

6. He’s just getting a handful!

This picture would be adorable if this little guy could keep his hands to himself!

7. Erm, should we tell her?

I don’t think any bride wants to hear that they’ve just showed the goods to the entire wedding party!

8. Is there anything more romantic than raw chicken?

As a wedding favour, every guest got salmonella!

9. I think his video game addiction has gone too far.

I can’t believe this nerd managed to crawl out of his Mom’s basement long enough to find a lady willing to marry him!

10. If the priest looked at me like that I think I’d call off the wedding!

That is one seriously creepy expression! No wonder the bride and groom don’t look happy!

11. I’ve heard of Dances with Wolves but this is ridiculous!

I love how the guests are awkwardly pretending that this is perfectly normal.

12. Did this alpaca officiate the wedding?

“I now pronounce you maaaaaaaaaahn and wife!”

13. They’re starting married life off well

If there’s a murder investigation taking place right now, I think I’ve got the prime suspect pinned!

14. The dolphins are plotting something, I just know it!

Maybe they’re planning to escape and take this couple hostage. They’ll give back their hostages if they get a helicopter and a briefcase full of unmarked bills.

15. I’d say that this is why you should always be careful with a beach wedding but they’re not even on a beach!

Which makes me wonder why this guy is walking around the middle of a forest in his underwear? Who does he think he is? Bear Grylls?

16. Frodo Baggins and his hobbit friends gather for his stag party

It was a little awkward when his wife to be started calling her engagement ring ‘my precious’.

What’s the weirdest wedding you’ve ever been to? Have you ever watched any wedding disasters unfold? Leave us a comment and tell us all about it and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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