16 Most Ingenious Redneck Inventions Of All Time!

The term redneck used to be a scornful term to mean a rural poor white person of the Southern United States. But those folks have always taken that term back for themselves, and we want to celebrate that!

After all, in the Mississippi primary of 1891, there was a poster stuck all over the state calling for people to vote, which read:

“And the ‘rednecks’ will be there.
And the ‘Yaller-heels’ will be there, also.
And the ‘hayseeds’ and ‘gray dillers’, they’ll be there, too.
And the ‘subordinates’ and ‘subalterns’ will be there to rebuke their slanderers and traducers.
And the men who pay ten, twenty, thirty, etc. etc. per cent on borrowed money will be on hand, and they’ll remember it, too.”

Stand up folks, be redneck and proud, there’s no shame in where you come from!

So here’s to some of the best redneck inventions we’ve ever seen!

1. Some say the reckneck life is the best life…

And when you’re looking at this picture, that is one tough point to argue. These guys have thought of EVERYTHING, they have a cool box for beer, a motor to take them wherever they want to go… this thing is amazing!

2. When those big wheeled monster trucks just aren’t redneck enough, you gotta step it up, dude!

All it needs now is a gun on a turret on top, and I think we have ourselves a completed project!

3. The redneck limo, for when you want to take your sister to the prom in style!

This is a pretty impressive feat of engineering. Those rednecks sure know their way around a welding torch, just maybe they don’t have the greatest sense of style!

4. Here’s a redneck dream catcher

Trust me, you DO NOT want to know what rednecks dream about at night!

5. How else do you celebrate a redneck wedding, other than with a cake like this?

Well, by firing your guns off in the air and having a barn dance I suppose, but this definitely adds a touch of class!

6. It’s sad that they’re just left the space shuttle in a field in Mississippi

Wait, that isn’t the real thing? Well, I take that back, this thing looks great!

7. And this guy’s wife said he wouldn’t find a use for this hunk of junk

See, it’s practically paying for itself now! One day, all of this will be yours little baby girl!

8. If you can’t afford a boat, maybe you could turn an RV into one!

Just remember to plug up all the holes where the water could get in!

9. They call this a ‘redneck Cadillac’

Let’s all just pretend we made a joke about it having airbags as standard and move on with our lives, shall we?

10. I don’t know if this is a science camp’s engineering project, or a REALLY hungry redneck

They’ll do anything for food once they’ve picked up that pig they ran over from the side of the road!

11. Making new use of old technology is what being a hillbilly is all about!

What happened to his gun? Well, let’s just say that thing is being used as a bottle opener these days!

12. If the home is mobile, then why shouldn’t the deck be mobile too?

That’s what they call ‘redneck BBQ takeout’. This here’s America, son, where you can put your BBQ on a flatbed if you gosh darned well please!

13. I’m pretty sure this is a city slicker trying to perfect the ‘redneck BBQ’ for themselves

How can I tell? Well, those sausages are burned, and anybody can tell you that rednecks pride themselves on their skill on the grill! Plus they’re doing it on cement, and those cinder blocks look awful safety conscious to me!

14. You just know a guy lives here with his twelve wives

One his sister and eleven of them his cousins. I’m just kidding folks, I know all those silly stereotypes aren’t true!

15. To boldly go where no redneck has gone before…

What, you mean to college? Just kidding! Although I was sure that rednecks thought Star Trek was a documentary!

16. Now this is a REAL redneck work of art

They call it ‘outsider art’. As in, both the artist and the piece they’ve created spend most of their time outdoors.

Which was your favorite piece of redneck ingenuity? Let us know with a COMMENT, or share something that you’ve seen with us! If you’re offended by the silly jokes we’ve been making about rednecks, don’t take it seriously, we know they can take a joke! If you did enjoy this article, make sure to SHARE the laughs with your friends and family!

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