16 Terrifying Pictures Taken Inside Hospitals That Will Give You The Creeps

Nobody enjoys being in a hospital, even at the best of times, but a creepy, dilapidated, abandoned hospital? That’s enough to send anyone running for the hills as fast as they can! These photographs are seriously spooky and are guaranteed to leave you quaking in your pants with fear! Let’s check them out, shall we?

1. Graffiti at the abandoned Babcock Insane Asylum

If you didn’t feel paranoid walking into this creepy old hospital, you will now!

2. That’s a pretty creepy place to leave a bathtub…

Can’t say I’d be queueing up to take a bath in this creepy hospital corridor!

3. This photo was taken in the Hudson River State Hospital, which has been abandoned since 2003.

This hospital was built in 1873 and has now been closed for 14 years.

4. This creepy photo was taken in Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital, Korea. It’s been closed down since the 90’s. 

Rumours say that this psychiatric hospital was closed down after it’s patients began dying in mysterious circumstances.

5. Nobody knows the origin of this spine chilling photograph

Can you see the spirit of a little girl on the right of this photo? I really hope she’s not trying to come and see me because my visiting hours are over!

6. I think there’s something seriously wrong with this psychiatrists office…

I think I’ll pass on the psychiatric help, I get the feeling that it would leave me needing more help than I did in the first place!

7. This is the abandoned Riverside Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. It’s been shut down since 2002.

Rumours say you can see former patients and doctors roaming the halls after dark. I don’t think I want to make an appointment, thanks!

8. This hospital was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. It has since been demolished.

This just goes to show how truly devastating natural disasters can be.

9. Well, I think I’ll be going then…

Seriously, if I saw this in the entrance to an old hospital I’d be out of there so fast that not even Michael Myers would be able to catch me!

10. If I saw this hovering over my hospital bed I’d sign myself out immediately!

The nurse who took this creepy photo claims that the patient in the image died a few hours later. I’m officially spooked!

11. Beelitz-Heilstatten Military Hospital, Germany

Used as a military hospital throughout both world wars, this hospital has been abandoned since the 90’s. It has since been used as a film set for blockbusters like The Pianist.

12. Well, I had a good run!

I think if I were stuck in this room I’d be very aware of the grim reaper stood over my shoulder, sharpening his scythe.

13. The Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. 

This hospital was famous for it’s administration of electroshock treatment and lobotomies.

14. Whoever was here last must have had a really rowdy sleepover!

The pillow fight must have been absolutely brutal.

15. Norwich State Hospital, Connecticut. This hospital was opened in 1904 and stayed open for 92 years despite it’s bad reputation.

If it looked anything like it does in this photo, I wouldn’t want to stay there either!

16. The Waverly Hill Sanitorium, Kentucky. This hospital treated tuberculosis before being converted into a psychiatric ward in the 60’s.

Walking down this corridor must feel like you’re being led to your doom!

Where is the creepiest place you’ve ever visited? Have you ever been to an abandoned hospital? Tell us all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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