19 Hacks That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Halloween Spooktacular!

It’s finally October, so that can only mean one thing!

It’s almost Halloween!

I don’t know about you but I’m excited for Halloween! It’s one of the few days I can get away without wearing makeup because, hell, anything looks better than one of those monster masks!

I know for a lot of people there who share my same passion and love for Halloween. I mean, I’ve been planning my costume for weeks now!

But, Halloween can still be a hassle to organize, especially if you have a trio of your own little monsters or grand monsters!

I don’t know how some people cope with the holidays and so many children! That’s the real Halloween nightmare!

Thankfully there are so many neat little tricks and hacks that you can use to make Halloween and the holidays so much easier.

It just makes me grateful to live in a time where such things are available!

So, if your looking forward to Halloween, but not the hassle then here are a few Halloween hacks that are perfect for your little guys and ghouls!

I know they’ve made me even more excited for Halloween!
1. Spooky Dip And Chips

Why not put your lovely quacamole inside a pumpkin this Halloween? It will make a spooky snack and an even spookier decoration!

For a creepier look, try adding some purple chips with it!

2. Salsa Web 

Put your salsa in a bowl and pipe some sour cream over it to make it look like a creepy spiders web!

3. Get Your Shots

Make jelly more fun this Halloween by pouring your jelly into safe needles! This is perfect for normal and alcohol jelly!

4. Mommy Hot Dogs

Wrap your hot dogs in jelly for a spooky and fun snack! The kids will love it!

5. Healthy But Spooky

Don’t want to hand out candy this Halloween? Why not draw cute pumpkin faces onto satsumas for a healthy and fun treat!

6. Hanging Ghosts

Can’t spend too much on spooky Halloween decorations this year? Then why not try this!

All you need are a few pebbles, white napkins, a black marker, and some string!

Simply wrap the pebbles in the napkins, tie it with string and then draw some ghoulish faces! It’s perfect for a budget friendly Halloween!

7. Mommy Cartons 

Take your drink cartons to a whole new level by wrapping them in white tape and add on googly eyes!

8. Spiders A Plenty

Create some creepy spiders on a tight budget. All you need is some black paint, balls of styrofoam, and black wires!

9. Spooky Pudding!

Top your pudding cups with crumbled oreos and candy pumpkins!

10. Healthy And Tasty 

Carefully hollow out your oranges so you can create cute and fun pumpkins perfect for storing your spooky halloween treats!

11. Stylish Pumpkins

Wrap your pumpkins in funky tape for a cool and different look this Halloween.

12. Bite Me

Plastic vampire teeth make the perfect napkin rings for any Halloween dinner party!

13. Autumn Jam Jars

Make your home ready for Halloween and Autumn by covering old and empty mason jars with leaves and spreading mod podge over them!

They’ll look wonderful all year round!

14. Ghost Cartons 

Clean out your old milk jugs, and when they’re clean and dry use a black marker to draw faces onto them.

They’ll make perfect ghosts, especially if you add lights or glow sticks inside them.

This is the perfect hack if your on a budget this Halloween!

15. Colorful Pumpkin

Make your pumpkin look stylish this year by carefully melting crayons over it.

But be warned, this hack works best for white pumpkins!

16. Blood Candles 

Melt a red candle (carefully) over your plain and boring white candles for a spooky effect this Halloween!

17. Flying Bats

Cut out a bat shape onto black card and add googly eyes. It’s a easy and cheap hack, and you can even print out a bat stencil here, so it’s even easier!

18. Ghostly Treats

Treat your friends to some rather ghoulish treats this Halloween by dipping some strawberries in white chocolate!

It’s spooky and yummy!

19. Jelly Worms

Make some red or flesh colored jelly and pour the mixture down some straws.

Bundle the straws together with an elastic band and place in a glass like you see in the picture above.

Be careful when pouring the mixture in the straws, and once you’ve done that leave them in the fridge until they set.

To remove them, simply ‘rinse’ them with warm water into a bowl and let the worms wriggle freely!

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