22 Oddly Misleading Pictures That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Every seen anything that made you look twice? Made you ask yourself ‘how on Earth could that happen’? Well, brace yourselves, because we’re about to look at 24 of the weirdest, most misleading photos on the internet! Get ready for some serious confusion!

1. You’ve heard of a fly in the soup but what about a frog in the coffee?

Well, I can’t drink it now, it’s looking at me!

2. No egg here, just a cat and a tangerine!

Although now I’m hungry for eggs

3. Is this the result of The Great Gig In The Sky?

I’d like two tickets please, they’ve got some amazing musicians up there!

3. I never knew robots could take the bus!

He looks like an extra from Wall-E!

4. Check out those plates of meat!

I wouldn’t eat that steak, it’s as tough as old boots!

5. Please tell me that this doesn’t contain baby’s first beer!

That bar tender does not look happy with his new toy!

6. Which one should you choose, they all look so pleased to see you!

They’ll light up your life, literally!

7. Stick ’em up!

This new security camera is trying to scare criminals before they actually do anything.

8. This washing machine looks like I do when I’m hungover on a Sunday morning. 

It knew those last tequila shots were a bad idea!

9. This car is feeling seriously stressed.

It’s trying to quit, but it just needs one last cigarette!

10. ‘Please don’t let me get squashed onto somebody’s face!’

I don’t think this blob of moisturiser is going to like how things are going to turn out.

11. That’s one very serious looking eggplant!

He’s just found out what the eggplant emoji is commonly used for and he’s not happy about it.

12. A caterpillar wearing huge glasses and trying to put on lipstick…

Admit it ladies, we all make that face when we’re putting on makeup!

13. Have you finished charging yet? Please tell me you have!

This really freakin’ hurts, people!

14. Is this a muffin or a rat?

I know it’s probably just a delicious muffin but I don’t want to take any chances!

15. If she finds any brown M&Ms in her dressing room she’ll be furious!

She’s going to be modelling hair products in next months Cosmo, after all!

16. ‘Hey guys, could you tip me back up? Please?’

A little help here, people!

17. Aww, baby carrot and mommy carrot!

This little veggie just loves his mama!

18. This love scene is really moo-ving!

I get the feeling that I’m really milking these jokes now!

19. The most beautiful snow cat you’ve ever seen!

Half of me wants to pet it, the other half really doesn’t want it to melt!

20. A double whammy of two of the most useless things you’ve ever seen in your life.

Which one do you think is more useless? Cast your vote in our comments section!

21. Please don’t hurt me mister!

I’ll tell you everything I know, I swear!

22. Autumn leaf or deadly ninja?

By the time you find out it’ll be much too late!

What’s the most misleading thing you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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