10 Weird Fashion Items That You Won Your Wardrobe – Aunty Acid Buzz

If you haven’t had a total fashion disaster at one point in your life then you haven’t really lived! My personal favourite was electric blue eyeshadow when I was a teenager, I really was a child of the eighties! But now I look back on it I realise I looked less like Cyndi Lauper and more like a bag of skittles had thrown up on my face.

Trust me, whatever your personal fashion disaster there’s no way it could have been as bad as the awkward accessories on this list! These are some of the most bizarre fashion choices I’ve ever seen in my life, and that’s including Lady Gaga’s meat dress! Prepare yourself for some serious weird!

1. Denim boots

If these were just normal boots that looked a bit like denim, maybe I could understand the weird fashion choice a bit better, but this? Not only are they hideous but they’re seriously impractical! Have you ever gone out in the rain while wearing jeans and felt the damp spread upwards towards your knees? Now imagine that starting at your toes. No thanks.

2. Umbrella helmets

We can appreciate the efforts gone to here to keep yourself dry, but how could anyone seriously wear this in public? And wouldn’t you just get soaked from the shoulders down? It’s a no from me.

3. Contact lens tears

I don’t know about you, but every time I put my contacts in my eyes water like Niagra Falls, which makes this fashion disaster even worse than it already is. I mean seriously, I know whoever made this was probably just trying to be a drama queen, but did they really think it through? Who on Earth would want to carry crystals with their eyeballs for any amount of time? Nope. I’m squeamish enough about my eyes as it is!

4. A full set of teeth

This is just creepy. It looks like something you’d wear on Halloween when you seriously want to terrify the neighbours kids. I can’t say that I’ve ever looked at a set of dentures and thought ‘this would look great hanging from my arm’!

5. Claw necklaces

Because haven’t you always wanted to wear what looks like a gilded chicken foot around your neck?

6. Beauty nipple!

Apparently your nipples need to be beautified? I have no idea why anyone would ever want or need this.

7. Absolutely awful eyelashes

It looks like this person has spiders growing out of her eyes and that’s enough to make me never want to look at that picture ever again in my life.

8. Doll face ring

If somebody I knew turned up wearing this on their hand I would be seriously reconsidering our friendship. I don’t care how long I’ve known you for, that’s just creepy!

9. Hamster in a necklace

Not only is this just gross but I can’t help but feel sorry for the little rodent stuck in this nightmare of an accessory. Let the poor little thing out!

10. Man leggings

Listen, I’m all for people wearing whatever they want to wear, but aren’t leggings this tight going to lead to these guys showing a bit more than they’d ever want us to see?

What’s the weirdest fashion accessory you’ve ever seen? Would you secretly love to wear one of the weird items on our list? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your fashion forward family and friends!

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