15 Reasons Why Your Big Sister Is The Best Friend You'll Ever Have

Your big sister is your first friend, your biggest inspiration and also the most annoying person you will ever meet but you love her anyway! If your sister is driving you up the wall today and you need a few reminders about why she’s the best gift your parents ever gave you, read on for 20 reasons why your big sister is the best!

1. She always has your back

If anyone ever messes with you, you know your sis has got your back. Messing with a little sister is just asking for trouble!

2. She made your parents more experienced

No matter what you do or how badly you behave, your parents have probably gone through it already with your big sis. So you can’t surprise them AND you’re less likely to get into as much trouble as she did. Thanks sis!

3. She’s someone you could always copy

And I don’t just mean that you wanted to wear the exact same outfits as her growing up, you learned everything from your big sister. Including all of the best insults and comebacks she knows!

4. She gives the best advice

You know that no matter what you’re going through, your sister will always be there to help you out. She loves you and that’s why she wants to see you succeed!

5. You can fight like cat and dog one second and be laughing about it the next

You could be starting World War 3 in your parents living room and then back to laughing about that silly thing your Mom did when you were six within 30 seconds. That’s just how you roll.

6. The second she got her license she started driving you around

You might not have had wheels of your own, but you might as well have done because she took you absolutely everywhere. She might not have wanted to, but she did it anyway because she’s the best!

7. She’ll tell you all of the family gossip

Remember when your Mom thought you were too young to know what was really going on with Aunt Karen and why she got that divorce? Well your big sister was not too young and she told you every little detail.

8. Nobody understands your crazy family like them

She’s the only person in the world that ‘gets it’ and that’s because she’s been through it all with you!

9. She knows all your secrets

Seriously, all of them, even the ones you think she doesn’t know. Which is why you’ll always be friends. Always.

10. You don’t have one wardrobe, you have two!

She has amazing clothes, and that means you do too! Just don’t let her know you’re borrowing her favourite sweater this weekend, she might kill you.

11. She’s your number one cheerleader

Not only is she there when everything goes wrong, but she’s there when it goes right too! When something good goes down she’ll be the first one to crack open a bottle and celebrate with you.

12. She’ll always tell you what you need to hear

She doesn’t care if you like what she’s saying or not, she’s gonna tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Let’s face it, you need that kind of honesty in your life!

13. She gives the best romantic advice

You’ve dodged so many curve balls in your love life because of your sister’s great advice. Although let’s be honest, you’ve not always listened. What can I say, we younger sisters are stubborn!

14. She won’t let you go out wearing that

You know that your new outfit is terrible when she looks at you like Meryl Streep looks at Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. That’s all.

15. She’s the responsible one

She knows when everyone’s birthday is, she’s picked up after your messes for years and she’ll never let you down. Honestly, your whole life would probably fall apart without her.

What’s your favourite memory you have of your big sister? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and favourite older sister.

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