19 Incredible Facts About China That'll Blow Your Mind

Most of the world sees China as a magical place, which it is.

It’s a country filled with wonderful culture, delious food, and not to mention scenery that’s to die for!

If you’re an avid adventure seeker, then China may be the place for you!

It has a vast landscape to please your sight-seeing heart including grassland, desert, mountains, lakes, rivers, and more than 14,000 km of coastline.

The capital of China, Beijing, mixes modern architecture with historic sites like the Forbidden City palace complex and Tiananmen Square.

But that is not the only breathtaking city in China, another is Shanghai.

Shanghai it started off as a small village on the edge of the muddy Huang Pu River. It has become one of the world’s most modern and sophisticated cities and a skyscraper-studded global financial center.

The history behind this country is another reason why it’s become a hotspot for tourists from all around the world!

But there a plenty of things you probably don’t know about China!

Take a look, but prepare yourself, because this list will blow your mind!

19. Eating anything that moves

Supermarkets and bazaars offer a wide range of wildlife for you to munch on. From crocodiles to turtles, sharks and frogs,they even sell dogs, cats, cockroaches, and maggots!

The local cuisine is very diverse.

18. Children wear pants with holes 

When chinese children are aged between 2-3 years old they wear pants that have holes at the bottom of them. This is so they can easily go potty no matter where they are!

You’ll often see little children do it right in the streets with their parents watching over them.

17. Wearing pajamas outside is perfectly fine

Когда ближе к зиме стало холодать и температура стала падать ниже 10 градусов, я стала замечать, что все больше и больше китайцев разгуливают по улице в пижамах ?? просто повсюду…а что такого в том, чтобы прогуляться до магазина, выгулять собаку или забрать своего ребенка из детсада… И все это в теплой пижамке? Даже в центре города можно лицезреть такую картину. Так вот, на данный момент, это не вызывает у меня такого же удивления как в начале, и я могу сказать, что пижама – очень распространенная одежда в Китае. Вы можете встретить целые семьи?, прогуливающиеся в пижамах и тапочках. Некоторые заменяют тапочки на другую обувь, но пижама остается неизменной. ? Такое впечатление, что народ возвращается с крупной пижамной вечеринки. Пижамы всех цветов и фасонов, мохнатые и стеганные, с мышками, мишками и котиками.? И это у взрослых людей – класс? #китай#странностикитая#китаец#китайцы#пижама#weirdchina#weird#strange#bestoftheday#traveler#travel#traveling#chinese#funny#interesting#cool#smile#chinatravel

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Many Chinese, no matter their age, wear pyjamas to the store, while walking, or at a cafe with their friends. There’s no shame in comfort. 

16. Longevity noodles

Longevity noodles are a traditional dish made for birthdays, weddings, and for the New Year.

Theses noodles incredibly large, measuring at several feet long so they’ll fill the bowl right up!

It’s said that the longer and firmer the noodles are, the longer the life of the one eating it will be!

15. Trains go at speeds of up to 300 mph

The trains in China tend to go really fast. These high-speed trains reach an average speed of 217 mph!

These trends tend to connect remote regions of the country to busy parts of the country. This creates a cheaper alternative to booking a flight! 

One train even broke the world record back in 2010, when the train reached the speed of 301 mph.

14. Birthdays are celebrated every 10 years

Many celebrate their birthdays according to old traditions: the first 30 days of life, then a year after birth, at 6 years, and then every 10 years.

This allows many people to spend more money on the more special birthdays, like their 60th of 80th birthday!

There are a few dates that are missed altogether: most women don’t celebrate their 30th, 33rd, and 66th birthdays, believing it will bring them bad luck for the whole year!

13. Quick haircuts

You can get your hair cut and your face shaved at any of the street barbers found in China.

12. It’s the geese police!

Geese are used in night patrols to catch robbers, and there are even delivery pigeons in the army! Talk about old fashioned! 

11. Black eggs

A centennial egg is a popular Chinese snack, but they look and smell foul!

A fresh chicken egg is coated in tea, lime, salt, ashes, and even clay before being wrapped in straw and rice husk, and buried for 3-4 months. 


10. Robots in the kitchen

In China, you’ll often see restaurants where most of the work is done by robots.

The first cafe to do this was opened at a research institute several years ago and soon became popular. 

9. Mosquito-breeding factories

20 million insects are born every week, and that’s all because China has the world’s largest mosquito factory. 

They built the factory to help fight the dengue fever.

Scientists infect male mosquitoes with special bacteria that make them infertile. They’re then set free to infect females and rob them of their offspring.

8. Ladybug feeders

These weird paper structures which are soaked with special materials and liquids to attract ladybugs, so the ladybugs can get rid of plant lice.

7. Green pea ice cream

Thank to Marco Polo, China’s recipe for ice cream made it’s way to Europe.

But, China is constantly coming up with weird and wonderful ice cream recipes, he most popular ice cream is green pea ice cream.

6. A 2-week New Year vacation for everyone

Chinese New Year is the main celebration in the country and it goes on for 15 days!

To help celebrate it, everyone has 2 weeks off in China!

5. Chinese fortune cookies

Fortune cookies aren’t actually Chinese.

It was actually a chef from Japan who brought the recipe to the USA, and there it was mistaken for a Chinese invention.

They became so popular that Chinese restaurants brought them onto their menus, which supported the legend.

4. Ghost towns 

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China has it’s fair share of ghost towns and ghost cities.

According to different people, there are roughly 64 million abandoned skyscrapers where no one lives. The most famous ghost town is Ordos.

3. Football was invented in China

Football was invented in China, something which was only recognised in 2004 by FIFA.

In 2004, FIFA officially recognized that football was invented in China.

It was used as a way to train soldiers. But, Ping pong, which is the national sport of China, was invented by the British about 100 years ago. 

2. Lingerie shopping

China has fashion trends of its own, and this doesn’t exculde the underwear department.  China has some of the most extravagant lingerie stores in the world.

1. Iron discipline

A military parade in China is a breathtaking sight. Something most people should see.

The movements of hundreds of people are perfectly matched. But what most people don’t know is that it’s achieved by hours and hours of exhausting training,which even includes marching with a bottle of water on your head or having  a needle pinned to a soldier’s collar to make him hold his head straight!

The Chinese army has 2.2 million people serving in it, making the Chinese Army is the biggest army in the world!

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