19 Incredible Facts That Will Won't Believe Are True!

The world is a very interesting place and it’s filled with so much for us to learn.

It’s filled with wonders and mysteries, things we can only begin to wrap our heads around.

There’s always something new to learn!

There are lots of facts about the world and the many things in it, but sometimes these facts seem too good to be true!

Honestly, I can’t believe they’re true, but they are!

Take a look at these mind blowing facts that you won’t believe!

1) Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.

The first students to attend Oxford University was in 1096. 

But the Aztec city-state, Tenochtitlan, was actually founded in 1325! That means the Oxford is actually 200 years older!

2) Pinky Promise

When we promise something, we make a “pinky promise.” But what you may not know is the tradition behind it.

This promise means the one who breaks the vow must cut off their little finger. This strange gesture originally came from Japan. 

3) Diamond Rain

On Jupiter and Saturn it rains diamonds.

Scientists say the pressure inside the giant planets can easily turn carbon into diamonds. I wouldn’t mind living there!

4) 1.6 Million To 1

There are more than 1.6M ants per person on Earth. Pretty freaky, right?

Myrmecologists worldwide made an estimate that there are 1-10 quadrillion ants living on Earth at this very moment, but the number is always getting larger as different spieces are being created or born.

5) Fake Birds

There are more artificial flamingos in the world than real ones.

The flamingo is a very rare bird, but because it’s so beautiful many people would like to see it in their backyard.

Which means more and more plastic lawn flamingos are being made.

At the moment there are 1 billion plastic flamingos and only 2-3 million live ones.

6) The strawberry is not a berry

And another thing, the actual “berry” of the strawberry isn’t the fruit its self, but the seeds!

7) Bananas are berries

The banana plant is actually another giant form of grass, which makes the bananas berries.

8) 100-foot ocean worm

Pyrosome is a hollow 100-foot worm which lives in the ocean. It’s also known by the name of ‘sea unicorn’. 

They’re actually really rare and have only been spotted a few times!

The pyrosome looks like a giant transparent and hollow worm, but it actually consists of thousands of organisms that glow in the dark and even replicate themselves!

It’s thought that they can grow to the size of a blue whale!

9) Poison Free

Mithridates VI of Pontus had been taking small doses of different poisons since he was a child so he could work up an immunity to them.

But during a riot, the Romans wanted to take him hostage. In an attempt to avoid that Mithridates tried to poison himself, but couldn’t because of his immunity to poison!

10) 36 hour days

If we lived in complete darkness, we would be able to stay up for 36 hours and would only need 12 hours to be fully rested.

But how do we know this?

Well, a French speleologist Michel Siffre carried out several experiments where he placed himself in a specially equipped bunker with no light, a constant temperature and absolute silence.

He spent several months like this.

As a results his inner clock changed to adapt to the situation. He needed 36 hours awake and 12 hours of sleep. 

11) Body Parts

Our foot is as long as our forearm, our thumbs are as long as our nose, and our lips are as long as our index fingers!

I bet you just tested the last one!

12) Space Bra

Neil Armstrong’s space suit was made at a bra factory in Dover, DE. 

13) Atomic bombs

“Gadget” was one of the first three atomic bombs in the world. 

There were three atomic bombs made as part of the Manhattan Project in 1943.

There was a plutonium-based Gadget, which was exploded during the first nuclear test, the uranium-based Little Boy, which was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, and the plutonium-based Fat Man, dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

14) Lucky girl

Ann Hodges is the only person to have ever survive a meteorite strike.

Ann Elizabeth Hodges was an American woman who was actually hit by a meteorite!

She was hit on November 30, 1954, near Sylacauga, AL, by a grapefruit-sized meteorite fragment which crashed through the roof of her house, and hit her while she was sleeping on a couch!

Talk about counting your lucky stars!

15) Finger prints

Koalas are the only animals with a unique fingerprint pattern just like us! 

Professor Maciej Henneberg from Adelaide University proved there are no visable differences between the fingerprints of koalas and humans.

Even a microscope scanner can’t find any differences! 

16) Small in space

The surface area of Russia is bigger than that of Pluto.

Russia’s surface area is 17,098,246 sq. km., where as Pluto’s surface area is 16,650,000 sq. km!

17) Routines

The first thing every monkey does when it recognizes itself in the mirror is check its crotch. Weird, right?

It sounds strange, but this was actually discovered by Shanghai-based neurobiologists.

They decided to conduct a experiment where they seated dozens of primates in front of a mirror and watched their reactions to their “double.” Nothing happened for a while, but when the monkeys realized they were seeing their reflection, they checked their crotch.

18) Dolphins

Dolphins are actually able to talk to one another on the phone and even recognize the other dolphin they’re talking to!

Every dolphin has its own signal name that appears in adolescence and they keep it their whole life.

It’s known that dolphins can tell their relatives’ signals from all the rest!

19) Shark Attack

Many people think it’s impossible to survive a shark attack, but you can!

If you encounter a shark it’s important that you stay still. Trying to swim away won’t help in this situation.

You should try to slowly and calmly move away from the shark’s path.

Keep an eye on the shark. When it has passed you, then you try to find a way out of the water.

But, if you have to defend yourself, hit it on its gills, eyes, or the tip of its nose!

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