21 Genius Trolls Who Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

1. Trolled from 141 years ago –  that came from downtown!

“Doris! Doris! Come henceforth my love, for verily look at the merry jape I hath played on future readers of ye tome!”
‘Hatham ye ninny! I hath told you not to waste time on such things!’
“Thou never lets me have any fun, woman”

2. Trolling the future buyers of this house for all they’re worth

I know I would definitely get out if I found that when I was putting a new carpet down!

3. Everybody is a troll these days, even your local barista

That will teach you for having such a stupid name, Briany! What? That’s Brian… with a Y!

4. This patriotic cake lover couldn’t let their friend get away with an all-American cake

We’re all a little Canadian on the inside, right?

5. This artist trolls people for wanting to get better at art! Pah! Those fools!

Okay fair enough that’s pretty darned accurate.

6. When you’re laying a new front porch, take a leaf out of this person’s book and make a little ‘addition’

Now THERE’S a joke you’ll still be chuckling to yourself about in years to come, every time you walk over your porch. Then every time you drive past that old house you sold. Then on your death bed.

7. This person replaced a picture of Jesus in their parents’ house

Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Obi Wan Kenobi, who died for our sins?

8. Trolling this cat comes at a price

He looks annoyed. Angry enough to take a poop in your shoe when you’re not looking.

9. Trolling incoming planes is a pretty great pastime

Giant spiders are invading! Go somewhere else for your vacation this year! Save yourself!

10. Isn’t it nice of this guy to paint such a lovely message on the roof of his house?

He lives right on the flight path beneath the airport. In Milwaukee. I think he’s my new favorite person ever!

11. This family tried to teach their kids that they should always take a bath, even if they don’t want to

They were so dedicated to trolling their kids that they used to have a brother who turned into a mushroom because he didn’t wash, they even included him in family albums!

12. This guy was trolling the whole world for his whole career!

That certainly explains the box of crayons I had as a kid that was just orange over and over and over.

13. Not paying attention on the road today?

This would certainly wake you up!

14. This guys trolls everyone into thinking his boat is sinking

But it’s a real boat, and one you can ALWAYS find in the harbor!

15. If you’re a teacher, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways of having a little fun in your job

Kids are so easy to troll! What have Jerry and Robby done to deserve this?

16. How to troll a pickpocket

That’s pretty freakin’ ingenious.

17. Safe Keeping

Ok, this is a brilliant idea! But what do you do if you really want a tootsie roll and they’re filled with dollar bills?

18. A New Addition To The Family

It’s a boy and adorable? Talk about being blessed!

19. A Royal Visit

After a trip to that bathroom, I think the Queen of England will be very happy!

20. Will You Marry Me?

Ok, that’s brilliant! Spread love and laughter, not hate and bitterness!

21. Shine A Light

Oh my, talk about taking a joke the wrong way!

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