21 Things You've Been Using Wrong The Whole Time!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a lot of ways to save time, money and effort.

It’s all thanks to some rather incredible and useful hacks!

I remember a few years ago when most of us had never heard of a hack or even knew what it meant. How foolish we were!

Most of us know a few hacks that have saved us quite a bit of time and money.

But I bet you’ve never heard of these amazing household hacks before.

Here are a few mind-blowing hacks you’ll simply love!

1. There’s a “sweet spot” on your ketchup bottle.

According to Heinz, the easiest way to get a good flow of sauce from their glass ketchup bottle isn’t to hit the bottom of it. Instead, tap the tiny “57” that is embossed on its neck.

2. Those applesauce containers come with a spoon.

Peel off the lid and simply twist it into one!

3. Your spaghetti spoon can measure out the perfect serving of noodles.

Worried that you’ll make too much pasta? Simply use the hole in your pasta spoon to measure out the perfect amount!

4. The handles on your pots may have a spoon rest.

Try it for yourself!

5. There are handles on juice boxes.

The small tabs on each side of your child’s juice box are actually meant to be used as a handle!

6. You’re probably using the wrong type of plunger for your toilet.

Cup plungers are meant for unclogging sinks. Flange plungers are much better for unclogging your toilet!

7. You’re storing natural peanut butter wrong.

Placing a jar of natural PB upside down in your pantry will actually prevent it from separating and getting too oily.

8. The tab on your soda can actually has a purpose.

Simply turn the soda tab so it’s sitting over the opening of the can, that way you can place your straw in it without it bobbing around!

9. That loop on the back of your dress shirt is useful.

It can actually be used to hold the shirt on a clothesline or you can use it to hang your shirt on a hook without it getting wrinkled.

11. You’ve been putting bobby pins in your hair upside down.

If you slide the side with the ridges your hair has a better chance of staying put because it offers you extra grip.

12. Those tabs on the side of your aluminum foil and plastic wrap are there for a reason.

I never knew that!

13. Chinese food takeout containers fold out into plates.

You can open up the box and enjoy your food without having to dig into the bottom of the container.

14. You have a warming drawer under your oven.

The drawer in your oven which is usually used for storing pans and tins is actually a useful warming drawer for hot food.

15. There’s a way to break off the perfect piece of Toblerone every time.

Instead of pulling the segment towards you, push on the top of the triangle towards the bar!

16. You don’t have to break your nails trying to open a can.

Keychain bottle openers, just like the one in the picture below, actually comes with a tab opener!

17. Condiment cups can hold more sauce than you realize.

These condiment cups actually fan out, meaning you can get more sauce.

18. Tic Tac containers have a built-in dispenser.

The tab you pop open has a small crevice that is meant to dispense a single Tic Tac.

19. There’s an easier way to peel an orange.

Slice off the top and the bottom. Then make a small cut into the peel to reveal a collection of delicious orange segments.

20. You’re not peeling bananas properly.

You should actually peel your bananas from the bottom!

21.Cupcakes are more fun as a sandwich!

Instead of trying to fit the whole thing in your mouth, take the top off, turn it upside down, place it back on the bottom half (frosting first).

Now you have a delicious cupcake sandwich filled with delicious icing filling!

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