8 Incredibly Annoying Things Only Servers Will Relate To

The majority of us have had a part time job when we were younger.

There were some of us who took a paper round, some who got a job in retail and got amazing discounts whenever they went shopping, and there were some poor unforutnate souls who got jobs in the food industry.

The food industry seems to be powered by the young, as many people we’re served by are younger than us!

Also those kinds of jobs suits their lifestyle more then any other job.

But, if you’ve ever worked in the service industry, you’ll know that it’s not an easy job, and one far too many people walk into without thinking over it.

Of course, a job is a job, but a job as a waitress or in a fast food restaurant isn’t for everyone.

Being a server is a good job, it has a lot of pros behind it.

I mean there’s food,  tips, and it can be a fun place to work if you want to be on your feet and are a conversationalist.

But, just like most jobs, it definitely has its downsides!

When you get a job as a server, you get a whole new look at human life!

You may think people are nice, kind, and sweet, but as soon as you get a job as a waitress, you’ll quickly learn that people can be rude, annoying, and have some pretty gross eating habits!

It takes an incredible amount of patience when your a server, and it takes a lot to be able to remain calm in those situations.

Seriously, waiters and waitresses deserve every penny we give them as a tip! 

1) Splitting the Bill

Ok, I can understand that some people want to pay for their food separately, especially if they’ve had the cheapest thing on the menu and a glass of tap water.

But if you’ve all spent a decent amount of money on your food, and you want to pay seperately, be aware your waitress is going to hate you!

It gets very confusing when a ton of people order dozens of food and drinks, and then try to pay separately. Especially when you haven’t been keeping track of how much you need to pay!

2) Lack of Patience

Food takes time to cook. Unfortunately, good food can’t be made instantly! So if you want a good meal, just wait. Don’t get irritated, don’t snap, and don’t whistle at your waitress, because she will b**** about you to the chefs, and they’ll laugh at you.

Your food will turn up and the flavor will be ruined if your too bitter to appreciate it.

3) Pen Thieves

Servers need their pens so that other customers can sign bills, and they can take your order. So, if you steal one from them they’ll be forced to ask a coworker and waste time instead of focusing on their tables and providing you with good customer service!

4) Changing Your Mind

We can all be a little indecisive from time to time, I know I’m guilty of it!

But when the server has already sent the order to the kitchen, it’s frustrating when you’ve change your mind when they’ve already started to cook your food.

So the next time you’ve order your food, make sure it’s actually what you want!

5) Not Ready

When you tell your waitress your ready for them to take your order, make sure that your actually ready!

Servers hate it when you call them over only to make them stand there while you decide what you want.

6) Uncontrollable Children

Ok, I know kids will be kids, but they still need to know some basic manners.

If your kids aren’t able to sit down, behave, and not scream, then it’s not time for them to take a trip to their local resturant for a family meal.

I know being a parent is hard, I really do, but it makes the whole dining experience a nightmare for you, the server, and the other dinners.

Once your kids can have a nice meal without covering the table in salt, ketchup, and not scream, then they can go to a restaurant, but not before.

7) In A Hurry

If your in a hurry, then you really should have gone to a fast food place.

Servers can’t bend over backwards to try and send out your food in less then five minutes.

Most places pride themselves on good food and good service, but that gets diminished once you say you need it in five minutes.

8) Tipping

As you may be aware, tipping is something most servers rely on in order to pay rent or feed their family.

Regardless if you liked the food or not, you have to tip! If you don’t then your a monster.

Make sure you tip enough because living off a servers wage is hard!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to tip your servers guys!

Sometimes servers have smaller salaries and are actually relying on the tips they receive!

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