Kate Middleton Has Revealed Her Dream Job And It Is NOT What You Would Expect!

For most people, becoming a member of the royal family is like the end of a fairytale. So Kate Middleton must be thinking she’s about to wake up from a dream at any minute, right?

Well, the simple answer is no, since we recently found out that Kate herself has a very different dream that she would like to follow!

On the face of things, it seems like the Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton has everything the her heart could ever desire.

Sure there are a bunch of strict rules that she has to follow. But she married Prince William in 2011, and has a growing family.

But it turns out she also has a secret ambition that she has never told anybody about before!

It’s way more down to earth than you might think, and this week it actually seemed like she came one step closer to realizing that secret dream she has.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s mother looked like she was having a fabulous time as she spent the day visiting Farms for City Children, an organisation that aims to provide a farm experience for school children.

The Duchess posed happily, and it seems that there was a good reason for that! It’s all because Kate’s dream career was not a royal duchess after all.

Growing up, she had always wanted to be a farmer! I never would have thought that about her!

Sure, she seems pretty down to earth, but she always looks so glamorous too!

But it certainly explains why she looked so delighted as she fed a baby lamb from a bottle, and even admiring the farm’s horses, despite the fact that she’s apparently not as keen on horse riding, which is seen as something of a royal tradition.

It definitely explains a lot, and looks to prove something that we learned last year about the Duchess.

While she was on a trip to Cornwall last year, Kate told a group of teenage farmers that “she’d secretly like to be a young farmer”. At the time everybody thought she was probably just making conversation with the teenagers she was meeting, but it seems like she was actually revealing something more about herself all along!

So when the Duchess of Cambridge visited Farms for City Children in Arlingham, Gloucestershire to see their work giving young people from inner cities the chance to spend a week on a real working far, she must have been thrilled!

And it seems she’s keen for George and Charlotte to follow her lead in her interest of all things from out in the countryside!

“She’s been teaching George the difference between barley and wheat and everything they grow on the farm there,” said young farmer Bea Hodge after Kate visited Cornwall last year and told him the big secret career she had in mind!

Bea also said that Kate “wants the children to learn all about farming and the apples in their orchard”.

Recently, it was also revealed that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also have a reputation for running a very relaxed household!

The family’s country home Anmer Hall rarely has anyone there but the family, and Kate herself will usually open the door to guests, not a butler, or anyone else you would expect to do that for the royal family.

It seems like Kate really most at home in the countryside, so it really makes sense that she would want to be a farmer!

While she must be kept busy being a mother to two small children and with a third on the way, it seems unlikely that she will fulfil her dream of being a full time farmer any time soon.

I mean, can you really imagine the wife of the future king of England riding around in a tractor all day?

But with everything that she’s teaching her kids, it looks like Kate’s green fingers will never go away, and could be passed on to the next generation.

So, are you surprised at Kate’s admission? What was your dream job growing up, and have you ever thought of quitting everything to get to it? Let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends and family if you enjoyed it!

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