16 Times People Text The Wrong Number And The Results Were Hilarious

We’ve all had a wrong number from time to time. It’s a moment’s confusion that came from a genuine mistake. You both realize it was an accident and move on with your lives.

Ah, but that was in the old days! You’re thinking of when you used to get a wrong number and it was somebody who had pressed 8 instead of 9 on their keypad.

These days, people send texts to wrong numbers, and the results are much, much weirder.

There isn’t that initial exchange, when the person calling doesn’t recognize your voice, and asks if this is Marjorie’s number.

Nope, with a text, you dive right in to a conversation with no context at all.

So if you didn’t contact who you thought you were going to contact, it can get pretty strange, pretty fast!

Here are some of the most hilarious wrong number text’s you’ll ever come across!

1. I guess as soon as you take something out of context, it’s gonna sound weird

But a guy selling a cow on Craigslist? That would sound strange to 99% of people! I’m really not surprised that this guy had such a bad morning!

2. Sometimes when you text the wrong number, you could end up being pleasantly surprised

That guy just went with it and restored everybody’s faith in humanity! I guess congratulations are in order all around!

3. This guy got himself a free thanksgiving dinner from a wrong number text!

What a sweet lady! She must have been incredibly confused, but her reply made it all worthwhile!

4. You could end up forming a lasting relationship over your accidental text!

You can either take this as somebody being kinda creepy or somebody actually caring about another person. With that being said, I know I’d find it a little weird for sure!

5. When you text old numbers like nothing was wrong and you talk all the time, you’re definitely going to weird people out

That’s the thing about wrong numbers, you can never send something normal! It’s always got to be really weird for that extra layer of embarrassment. You can never text, “I’ll pick you up at 5:30” to the wrong number, it always has to be something that would make the other person think you’re slightly insane!

6. I’m glad you think this is funny, Pete

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of orphans in the world who would disagree with you, so can the ‘lol’, buddy!

7. If you accidentally text the wrong number, well that’s a different story

Wow, what a save! That’s one crossed wire this guy really did not want!

8. What kind of conversations are these people having?

Is there an way of rationally explaining this? I don’t think so!

9. Well here’s an interesting story for you

I’m not sure who’s behaving more strangely here… why would you text back if the person had found their mom or not?

10. This lady was meant to text her boyfriend, but got him confused with her former boss

Now she will forever be the thique cookie lady! Hope you already got your reference from your old boss!

11. There are some ways of trolling people who text you expecting to get somebody else

This person has definitely mastered the art of that!

12. Check out this modern day love story

I’m not sure, but I think that might be the most romantic thing that’s ever happened. Screw all those happily ever after fairy tales!

13. Sometimes when you get the wrong number, you might as well just mess with the other person

I mean… they already think you’re weird, right? They have no idea who you really are! You’ve never met them, you’re never likely to meet, and even if you did… there’s no way they’d know it was you! So this person obviously wanted to have a little fun when they saw an opportunity.

14. When you text your driving tutor that one thing, it can look pretty weird

Any joke taken out of context has the potential to make you look pretty odd, but this one really takes the cake!

15. When you get a text from a REALLY annoyed interior designer

This is so funny! That periwinkle s**t had me howling with laughter! You might as well make the best of a bad situation.

16. Some situations however, there’s just no coming back from

Imagine texting your mother ANYTHING that you’re talking about with your best friend! It’s bound to be something not meant for her eyes and ears. But when it’s some wildly inappropriate meme about sexual performance? Well there’s no amount of flowers or boxes of chocolates in the world that can repair that.

Which was your favorite? Or maybe this was all to painful to look at because it brought back memories of your own wrong number text that you accidentally sent! Either way, let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE the laughs with friends and family!

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