21+ Of The Dumbest Reasons People Have Ever Called 911

I don’t know about you, but my mama didn’t raise no fool. One of the things I remember her teaching me when I was young was dialing 911 in an emergency.

Now of course she told me that you should only ever dial 911 if it was definitely an emergency. In a life or death situation, if you needed help that only the police could give, or if something was on fire.

Those are the key words there, I think. A ‘life and death’ situation.

Because judging by some of the stupid reasons other people have called 911 over the years, the definition of ‘life and death’ must have been relaxed a lot!

I don’t think these people’s mothers raised them to be fools. What I do think is that most of their parents probably didn’t stand a freakin’ chance they’re such idiots!

Check out some of the dumbest reasons people have ever dialed 911, they will make your eyes roll guaranteed!


In 2005, a recording appeared online of a Californian mom who called 911 because her Burger King burger wasn’t done right! When the 911 dispatcher says, “Ma’am, we’re not going to go down there and enforce your order”, she starts to get angry at them!


The younger brother of US senator John McCain called 911 back in 2008 to complain he was stuck in traffic! The dispatcher immediately let him know that he shouldn’t be calling for that, so Joe McCain’s response was, “Screw you!” before he hung up!


Florida man Reginald Peterson called 911 when a Subway employee left off the sauce in his order. Then he even called back to complain about the fact that officers weren’t responding fast enough!


In 2013, a 4-year-old boy called 911 because he was having trouble with his math homework. Who hasn’t been there? Even though the number is obviously for emergencies only, the operator actually helped him solve some of the questions!


Cynthia Colston called up 911 when a nail tech in Florida didn’t do her nails to her liking. She even called again when nobody showed up, then when the police actually did show up, she called back once more to complain that nothing was being done. She got more than she bargained for when she was prosecuted for wasting police time.


A man in Lincoln, Nebraska called 911 because some of his favorite hookah pieces had gone missing from his home. But when the police arrived to investigate, they were a lot more interested in the marijuana plants that the man had growing all around his house!


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Policeman Edward Sanchez confiscated some weed during a bust, but took the drugs home and baked them into brownies with his wife. The drugs were obviously a lot stronger than he expected though, as he got so high he ended up calling 911 and telling the dispatcher that he was “dead”. He lost his job as a cop after the whole escapade!


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Elaine Owens called 911 because she saw a fire in her bathroom. The fire department rushed to the scene expecting a blazing fire, but they quickly realized that the flames she was describing were just rays of sunlight reflecting off the shower curtain.


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Andrew Mizsak, a 28-year-old Cleveland school board member, once had his dad call 911 on him, because he refused to clean his room! The call ended when Mizsak quickly promised to pick up everything, and his dad apologized to the dispatcher and said he didn’t want to ruin his son’s career.


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In 2006, police knocked on Lorna Dudash’s door to get her to turn down her loud music. She called 911 because she thought one of the officers was cute and wanted to get his number. The only thing she got was the night in jail.


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A woman named Mary Strey called 911 to report a dangerous driver one night. The operator asked her who it was, Strey replied that it was her. It was around this time the operator realized that Strey was pretty darn hammered after a night of heavy drinking.


Dan Davis, a 10-year-old boy, was told by his mother to go to bed one night, but he didn’t want to. So he called 911 about it, and a police officer called to tuck him in and tell him not to do it again.


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In 2014, some thieves accidentally pocket dialed 911 after robbing a house. The operator overheard them discussing their loot.


In 2010, a Canadian man repeatedly called 911 because he wanted them to bring the Jets from Atlanta back to Winnipeg. After the dispatcher warned him that police would take him to jail if he continued, he just asked, “Can they bring some smokes?”.


Raibin Osman from Oregon called the police when a McDonald’s employee forgot to include a juice with his order. After arguing with police, they got so annoyed that he was arrested and spent the night in jail. All for a lousy juice!


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In 2011, a British man called the police to inform the dispatcher that a large light source was above his house, believing it was a UFO. The operator was extremely confused, and even more when he called back minutes later saying, “You won’t believe this, it was the moon!”. Want to bet, feller?


In 2012, a man named Rother McLennon from Connecticut called 911 after a deli messed up his order. The dispatcher just told him that he could always leave the shop if he didn’t like the sandwich.


Hee Orama called 911 because her boyfriend couldn’t make up his mind on marriage. She told the dispatcher, “He wouldn’t make an honest woman of me.”


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When two men broke into a car, they accidentally pocket dialed police once in Fresno, California. They were overheard stealing prescription drugs from inside, and were both arrested.


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There was another pocket dialing incident in Shelby Country, Ohio, when a thief pocket dialed police while he was breaking into a property. He proceeded to hide in the closet, but when police arrived, his phone’s low battery tone went off and gave away his hiding spot. Don’t feel bad, buddy, I’m sure they would have checked the freakin’ closet eventually anyway!


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A man named Michael Alan Skopec decided to call 911 because he needed help fixing his phone. He did this repeatedly, and was taken to jail as a result. Try the Apple store next time bub, at least they can’t arrest you!


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In 2009, a Texas woman named Elsa Benson called 911 because he husband was refusing to eat his dinner. Apparently she had a long record of wasting police time with calls such as those.

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