23 People Who Went To Extreme Lengths To Make Themselves Comfortable

I’m all for feeling seriously lazy, it’s pretty much how I live my entire life, but even I have my limits! The people in this article however, do not know when to stop and I’m actually pretty impressed by the lengths they’ll go to for their laziness. Let’s take a look at some of the laziest choices anyone has ever made!

1. I hope nobody wanted to use that toilet

And I’ve gotta ask questions about how hygienic this is.

2. The only way you’re guaranteed to get a seat on the train is to bring your own!

And even then a rocking chair is a bit much!

3. I can’t tell if it’s a really hot day or if she just always wants access to snacks.

I’ll be honest, if I did this it would be for the snacks.

4. If she wakes up he’s in real trouble

If she breaks the phone in anger then this will officially not be worth it.

5. When you need your fast food but also need your game time

I wonder how happy the staff were with this arrangement!

6. It must have taken some time to make this whole set up

Which is why I wonder if this can really be classed as lazy?

7. This guy’s just really hung over

And when you’ve gotta have your hangover breakfast, you’ve gotta have your hangover breakfast!

8. This takes the phrase ‘just rolled out of bed’ to a whole new level

Maybe she’s on the way to some sort of toga party?

9. I never thought I’d be telling someone that they shouldn’t be wearing their pajamas

At least he’s comfortable, I guess!

10. He’s really dedicated to his meditation

It’s the only way he can keep calm when taking public transport. If that train’s late one more time this week he’ll lose it!

11. He has no idea that he’s a contortionist in his sleep

He’s been wondering why the local circus keeps offering him a job.

12. Wait, does this actually work?

I think I need to try this the next time I get Chinese.

13. I think I actually like this use of a selfie stick more than how you’re meant to use it

You’ve just got to find someone willing to help you out with your lazy drinking time. Any takers? No?

14. Was this really necessary?

Those are some really extreme lengths to go to for 5 stairs.

15. I think it should be more acceptable to go to McDonalds in your pajamas.

I mean, they do look seriously comfortable!

16. Standing at the sink is just too much effort

You’ve only just got out of bed, why would you want to stand up now?

17. That is some amazing head gear

How did he get that past airport security?

18. You could have picked up your drink but…

Why move when you can use a giant rainbow straw?

19. That’s one way to pass the time in a traffic jam!

I think I’ll start packing a hammock for my morning commute!

20. This is both gross and comfortable

I love how he couldn’t be bothered to find a mattress but prioritised a TV. And where is he getting power from?

21. Lifting your head is for suckers

I actually want to try this one but I don’t think it works with flat screen TVs!

22. I’ve heard of a blanket fort but this is ridiculous!

Would this technically be a padded cell?

23. Taking falling asleep in class to a whole new level

I’m just waiting for the teacher to sarcastically ask her if they’ve interrupted her nap.

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done for your laziness? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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