8 Horrifying Surgeries Plastic Surgeons Ever Performed On Their Patients

Whenever I’m ill there are only a small handful of people I trust enough to look after me.

My husband, to make me food and get me drinks (because I’m too ill to do it myself), my cat (for the best comforting cuddles), and my doctor.

At the very least you should be able to trust your doctor when it comes to your health, but placing your trust with them can be very dangerous.

Especially when you consider that they have the medical know how to make you ill and get away with it!

I mean, if you can’t trust your doctor, who can you trust?

Here are some of the most horrifying surgeries plastic surgeons have ever performed on their patients.

1) Super Glue 

Surgeon Oneal Ron Morris Used Cement, Fix-A-Flat, and Super Glue to give ladies a ‘butt lift’. 

 Oneal Ron Morris was also known as the “toxic tush doctor”, and she became famous for all the wrong reasons!

The surgeries she performed were not just illegal, they were toxic too!

She injected a mixture of dangerous and strange materials into her patient’s butts, which included cement, super glue, and Fix-A-Flat. 

You may have seen the pictures of her bulbous and chunky work on the Internet. It’s honestly terrifying to look at!

One of her patients actually died as a result of Oneal’s ‘butt lifts’.

2) Private Parts

Mark Schreiber became infamous for mutilating the penises of his patients. Ouch!


In June 1998, he was put on probation after a penis enlargement and facelift actually killed a patient!

He eventually had his license taken away, but he was soon in trouble again in 2016 for allegedly mutilating a man’s penis, and leaving the patient in “blood-soaked bandages”.

3) Too Painful

Anesthesia is pretty amazing. It allows doctors and surgeons perform surgeries without the patient feeling any pain.

Most procedures would be impossible without it!

But unfortunately, Dr. Nedra Dodds didn’t get the memo.

Nedra Dodds shocked the world when she had a quick change of career. Turning from a model to a plastic surgery. I suppose you should always go where the money is!

But two deaths in 2013 cost her her medical license, both of which were preventable. The first patient to die was 37-year-old April Jenkins, who died after what should have been a simple procedure of liposuction, she ended up with liver damage and a punctured diaphragm. She even had a rag stuffed in her mouth!

Months later, 28-year-old Erica Beabrun ended up lying in a pool of blood when she had her butt implants removed. Dodds is currently facing murder charges.

Thankfully one patient survived a surgery with Dodds. 

Melisha Quarles went in for liposuction and a tummy tuck, only to find that her belly button had been completely removed! She said:

“I looked and blood was all on my hands, and that’s when I really went in a panic, like “Oh my God, y’all let me go, I’ll go to the emergency room, y’all just stop right now, please just let me go, please,” I’m begging, I felt for my life.”

Quarles also claims that she was restrained against her will and wasn’t given enough anesthesia.

4) Killer Doctor

After killing three people, Peter Normann was arrested for murder. 

Peter only had six hours of liposuction training and a massage therapist working as his assistant, so maybe not the best plastic surgeon to go to if you’re looking to get some work done! 

It’s no surprise that three patients died at his hands!

Two victims died from an anesthesia overdose, while the third died of an embolism.

But what cause of the embolism? Well, that’s simple. The patient’s own fat was re-injected into a vein and went into their lungs. Oh boy! 

5) License To Kill

Ruben Daio Matallana-Galvas performed his surgeries out of his back room and had no medical license or training!

Elena Caro’s family tried to persuade her not to have butt injections, but even they couldn’t have imagined how badly the surgery would go.

After the procedure, she was dumped by the side of the road, where she was found screaming and begging for medical attention! She died by the time she reached the hospital.

Ruben Daio Matallana-Galva was only licensed to practice homeopathy, not plastic surgery. She performed the surgery in the back office of a tile company.

Thankfully, Matallana-Galvas and his wife were arrested when they tried to board a flight to their Colombia to avoid prosecution.

6) Assault 

Carlos Guzmangarza went as far as to assault his patients and even operated on them in disgusting conditions that would turn your stomach!

Most people would struggle to flush six pounds of fat down the toilet, but Carlos didn’t.

He performed nine illegal surgeries on women, and would even sexually assault his poor patients.

Thankfully he was convicted of 33 felonies and 8 misdemeanors!

7) Poor Conditions 

Carlos Gustavo Arzuz was arrested for his unsanitary clinic while having a penis enlargement. Talk about a compromising position!

Beatriz Gattari, 49, went into Carlos for a simple procedure and ended up with an appointment with death. She died of organ failure. 

Reports soon circulated that the clinic wasn’t registered or sanitary. But that’s not all! He didn’t use enough anesthesia during the surgery!

8) Cover Up

Dr. Oleg Davi accidentally killed a patient, but instead of coming forward, he decided to change the patient’s records to cover up the death!

The poor patient, Isel Pineda, went in for a heart transplant, which meant she should have never gone under anesthesia but the doctor clearly didn’t get the memo.

Isel sadly died as a result. He went back to change the record and cover up his mistake!

Another surgeon explained to the New York Post:

“This woman should not have been operated on – period.

“You don’t screw around with people like this. If he knew she had a heart transplant, he should have shown her the door.” 


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