Cops Describe The Creepiest Thing They've Ever Found On The Job

Being a police officer is hard work.

Your constantly putting yourself in harms way to protect the innocent and uphold the law.

These guys are true American heroes!

But being a police officer isn’t just one long game of cops and robbers.

It also involves a lot of icky situations!

Here are some of the creepiest things cops have ever witnessed on the job.

1) A Bad Smell

“This one wasn’t mine, but from an EMT friend. It’s also maybe not so much creepy as nasty, but it makes my hair stand on end whenever I think on it.

In one of the apartments in a nearby city, the apartment manager went in to investigate a really bad smell in one of the lower units. Apparently, people all around it were complaining. Once he saw what was up, he called the ambulance.

So first-responders show up – which includes said EMT friend – and there’s this lady sitting on the couch, there wee swarms of maggots. 

Apparently, said individual had a fairly strong substance abuse problem. Some of the needles she poked into her nethers, which caused an infection. This led to rotting flesh, which attracted flies, which in turn led to maggots. The worst part? She was NOT dead – just so drugged up that she basically never noticed that she was literally rotting and falling apart from the waist down.”

2) Trolley Fight

“I spent my first year as a constable in an inner city suburb of Queensland. Now, of the population of this area, something like 40% was reserved for government-commissioned housing for rehabilitated criminals and persons released from mental health assessment centers. […]

One guy that we had met before just decided one afternoon to start destroying sh*t in the commission set of units he lived at. He was going f*cking off. Kicking through latticing, throwing pot plants off of buildings at passers-by, stealing and collecting people’s shoes, smashing car windows.

After about 15 minutes of mayhem, he must have ran out of steam and gone back to his unit. That’s where we found him and he decided to bung on a turn. He just would not stop screaming and bashing his head and face into any surface or object he could find. Eventually, we got a van with a pod and secured him, then we went back into the the house to figure out what the f*ck had happened.

The house is a clusterf*ck. Somehow, he had fit two Coles trolleys inside and was using them as furniture. The whole place smelt of rotting food and sh*t. On the coffee table (if you can call it that) are a series of scrawled notes of just expletives (again, not massive mental function with this guy) and a wooden box.

Inside the wooden box was about 100 small-clip sealed bags. Over half the bags had a brown granular organic material in them, the others had clear crystal like stuff in them. The brown bags were somewhat organised from smallest to largest staples.

Now, with the type of people we had in the area, we had all sorts of wonderful ways these people got high. We were used to seeing weird sh*t that people would ingest. So we don’t recognise these bags, but we’ve got a pretty good idea it’s a narcotic of some kind. So of course, we examine these bags and the contents. There is enough there to test if need be so I get one of these bags and empty the contents to see it better.

So these “samples” of brown material. They’ve got flecks of colour and little tendril like hairs, not unusual for a plant derivative to have. But I’ve never seen it before, so I’m looking at it as I hold [it], talking to my partner that it might be [a] really coarse hash derivative or a byproduct of production of something else. Khat, maybe. Might explain why this guy went nuts.

A dog unit officer who assisted with the arrest comes in. He sees the scene, looks at the coffee table looks, looks at the bags, looks at me holding the contents of one in the palm of my hand. And straight away says, ‘That guys got golden staph, he’s been collecting scabs….’

This guy had been picking at a golden staph infection on his leg, collecting the scabs, organising them into smallest to largest, and then eating them. The small yellow crystals? Snot and crust from his nose. Same end goal.”

3) Arrest My Son!

“Not a cop, but a former officer of the law told me this years ago. I will let you decide if he’s full of sh*t or not.

The officer had responded to a parent’s call to arrest their son, whom they were convinced had relapsed on meth. What had tipped them off was when the son had started blasting both thrash metal and [adult films] on max volume from his bedroom and locked himself in.

Communication with the kid was impossible with the noise. However, the officer’s partner had been able to glance into the kid’s window and could see that he was sitting motionless in front of his computer. He was shirtless, but otherwise everything seemed rather normal.

With permission from the parents, the officers decided to push through the lock.

Moans and groans and relentless guitar deafened the ears. The only light illuminating the room was the bluish hue of the computer monitor.

The kid’s face was a distorted grin, stretching to his lip’s furthest limits. He wasn’t shirtless – he was in fact naked and drenched in sweat.

And in his right hand, cupped like a chalice were his testicles… Which he had ripped off in a flurry of drug-induced self-mutilation.”

4) Hell’s Kitchen

“We went to an apartment which was a local drug den. A female we knew called and said the male renter had been assaulted and she had run. We got there and the door was bolted shut. I kicked the door over and over again and it wouldn’t open. What I found out later is the dope team had done a search warrant on the apartment a couple weeks earlier and afterward, the tenants had reinforced the door jamb with a metal plate. It took me a total of 22 times kicking the door before I broke the deadbolt in half, which flew across the room and hit the wall. We made entry, guns drawn, and started clearing the apartment.

This place was the kind of spooky I have only seen in places where a lot of meth is done. It was dark, there were swastikas, 666, upside-down pentagrams, etc. painted on the wall, pictures of faces hung on the wall with the eyes X’d out, and baby dolls with their eyes scratched out into Xs. As we cleared the first room, we started seeing the blood. First on the bed, then a trail on the floor leading into the back room. The layout was weird; one main room, then a back room which was more of a hallway, and a bathroom at the end of that hall. We followed the trail of blood down the hall to the bathroom door. In front of the door was the renter’s dog, who was shaking uncontrollably and pissing all over the floor, scared out of its mind. As we got closer, the dog got really aggressive because it was scared.

I made my way around the dog and entered the bathroom where I found the renter hunched over in the shower, bleeding from his face, holding his cheeks with his hands. He was frantically trying to talk, pleading with us not to hurt his dog. Blood was dripping from his mouth and I couldn’t understand him. Then I saw the extent of what had happened to him. His jaw had been dislocated on both sides when he was beat by two men with a hammer and it was just hanging there. As he was trying to plead with us, he could only attempt to talk by flicking his blood covered-tongue in the pattern of the words because his jaw didn’t work at all.”

5) Feeling Sick

“My mother used to work for a police department, and I’d hang out there when I’d be home sick from school. This old man used to walk to the gas station on the corner to get a pack of smokes and coffee every day. The gas station attendant called for a wellness check when she realized she hadn’t seem him for a couple weeks in the dead of summer. Cops went, knocked, smelled something, opened the door, walked in, instantly came back out vomiting from the smell. They had to come back later with respirators, trash bags, and snow shovels to clean up the sludge that used to be the old man.”

6) Frying Tonight

“My aunt is a police dispatcher. Normally, she takes calls from the public and has an officer nearby respond. But one day, she was asked to work the station’s radio because the normal guy was sick. That meant she was acting as the central hub of the police radio network, taking calls from officers in the field and issuing backup to them, that kind of thing.

She wound up having to listen to four cops talking back and forth in a panic as two squad cars arrived to check on a reported murder (the person who called was certain that there were multiple killers present). The victim’s meat had been cut into one-inch cubes, as if their killer was going to fry them up, or make kebabs. The whole corpse had been disassembled like that. Bones cut into neat inch segments, organs removed, separated, organized. She remembers one of the officers panicked and screamed something along the lines of, ‘This is OCD movie monster bullsh*t.’

I can’t remember the exact quote, sadly, and I doubt my aunt remembers it herself. She thought they were playing a joke on her until they called for a hazmat crew to get the body.”

7) Fixing Point

“Friend is a cop: Wellness check called in. Went in – smelled horrible – and discovered a large dead guy, shirtless, sitting in his front room, in a lawn chair watching TV. He had setup an industrial space heater behind his chair, which was on at full blast. Due to the heat, and apparently other factors, he had ‘merged’ through the back of that lawn chair.”

8) Birds Everywhere

“My dad was a cop in a small mountain town. He told us stories. One of the memorable ones was this couple [who] went hiking in the back woods, miles from civilization. They come across a tree growing over a cliff, and notice a body hanging from the tree. Search and Rescue show up to recover the dead guy, who had been reported missing over a year before. He had some terminal disease and decided hanging himself in the middle of nowhere off a stunning cliffside view was the way to go. What he didn’t consider, however, was after he died, a crow nested in his chest cavity. So for close to a year, he was a hanging corpse birdhouse. Dad said it surprised the coroner, too, when he took the body off the tree and a family of birds flew out of his shirt.”

9) Buckets Of Waste

“Not a cop, but I worked alongside Adult Protective Services and sometimes cops.

The place smelled absolutely dreadful. The elderly lady was dead, sitting upright on the couch. She had shat herself a watery one at that time of death, apparently. That’s not the only thing that smelled bad. There were buckets of sh*t. Literally dozens of bucks filled with fecal matter in every room of the house. One of the cops didn’t have a face mask, and he almost puked every time he cough or sneezed because all of the dust and the putrid smell.

Apparently, the elderly lady lived in the home with a few of her brothers. Some homeless people who were squatting in the backyard were the ones who called the police because they saw the brothers leave, but hadn’t seen the lady in days. The smell coming from the house also raised some red flags.”

10) Bad Footing

“Not a cop, but a fire investigator. We were working a scene where two kids had died after a space heater caught on fire and the dad was playing poker down the street and the mom was with some other man down the street. The fire department came in and cleaned out the scene and we came in after. As we were sifting through the ashes to find components to the space heater, we found the two-year-old’s foot. Mind you, this was after dark, so we could barely see and were using flash lights. It was a bit creepy.”

11) Fire! Fire!

“This one is from an MP friend of mine, so take [it] with a grain of salt.

My buddy was duty officer one night and as such, he had to respond to serious events.

One night, there was a fire alarm and he and a bunch of MPs rolled on it. This was a real fire (false alarms are pretty common). The source turned out to be an officer’s apartment and… The officer.

When the investigation was conducted, it was found that the officer had filled a bathtub with fuel and field manuals, and decided to suicide out by sitting in the tub and igniting the fuel. After a few seconds, he decided that this was a bad idea and ran from the tub to his apartment door before death finally took him. So, the responding MPs found his charred remains and the bits of burning flesh that were falling off him as he ran for the door.”

12) A Long Way Down

“My dad answered a domestic call at an apartment on the 23rd floor. As soon as he walked in, he saw blood everywhere. In pools on the floor, spatter on the walls and ceiling, smeared all over everything. He walked further in to find a woman crumpled on the floor, battered beyond recognition, and the partner is standing in front of an open window. My dad started to talk to the man, to coax him into coming with, and the man immediately turned around and stepped out the window, falling 70 meters to his death.”

13) Fun Time

“Brother-in-law is a cop. He told me about a time he and his partner were called to do a wellness check on someone with a terminal illness (family didn’t know where he was).

So they get to the house, knock, and get no response. They entered the house to see if he had passed away due to his illness. They did not find him there, but what they did find was a stairway leading down to a basement.

In that basement was a vast number of sex toys, ropes, harnesses, etc. There was also a stage with a bed on it, and a video camera on a tripod focused on it. He had stumbled upon this guy’s sex dungeon.

The guy ended up being alive, but was visiting someone out of town and didn’t notify any of his family.”

14) The Voices Aren’t Real

“I’m not a cop, but a paramedic. Went into a lady’s house one time – can’t remember what the call was for – that had sheets of paper taped all over the walls. They all said something along the lines of, ‘Remember, the voices aren’t real.’ Gave me a warm, safe feeling.”

15) Cops And Robbers

“Get a call for a burglary. I’m doing a walkthrough with the resident, noting all missing and damaged property. He was an older guy. We are in the bedroom looking in drawers. I open one and see it [is] full of women’s panties and bras. I ask him when his wife will be home to help identify missing items. He stutters a little bit and finally says, ‘Uhhh, those are mine.’ I just closed the drawer and went on with my investigation. We are all a little weird, bro. Far be it from me to judge you for wearing pretty underwear.”

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