Forget Christmas Trees, Halloween Trees Are Where It's At!

We all love decorating our tree at Christmas, but why limit the fun to but once a year? Halloween trees are this years big thing and they look absolutely amazing! They’re the perfect way to decorate your home for everybody’s favourite Autumn holiday and they’ll get you right into the Halloween spirit! Take a look at these seriously gorgeous and ghoulish trees for some decoration inspiration!

1. This looks like it’s fell straight out of a Tim Burton movie

All it needs now is for Jack Skellington to dance around it

2. Not only does this have an orange tree, but they’ve turned their family into little black cats! 

And I’ve just noticed the tiny mouse in the snow globe. This has it all!

3. What goes on the top of a Halloween tree? A pumpkin of course!

Something scary must have gone down here to need so much Sheriff’s tape!

4. You don’t even have to have a whole tree! Why not get creative with some creepy looking branches instead?

I want one of those little ghost ornaments too, that’s precious!

5. This will scare the pants off of any trick or treaters!

And it also leaves me wondering what would go on the tree instead of candy canes? Gummy worms perhaps? Leave your suggestions in our comments section!

6. I love the sparkly pumpkins decorating the base of the tree! Can whoever made this come and decorate my house please?

I’d like mine to be exactly like this but with more glitter, please.

7. This skeleton isn’t quite spooky or scary but I love it anyway!

That’s the cutest little bag of bones I’ve ever seen!

8.This tree is gorgeous but we’re not sure how we’d cope knowing that huge spider was in the room!

If I saw that spider coming at me howling is the least I would do!

9. How about an entire tree made out of pumpkins? I could go for that!

Can we carve them all before we put them on the tree?

10. Okay this one’s just creepy! I’m all for Halloween but I don’t think I could handle those masks looking at me like that!

11. It’s not just about the tree! Look at what you can achieve with some simple paper craft skills too! I’d love this in my home!

12. You don’t have to go overboard, in fact, sometimes sparse is the best way to do this!

13. I like to think that Edgar Allen Poe had something like this in his house for Halloween

Quoth the raven, “Halloween trees are the best thing evermore!”

14. This tree has a little bit of everything and I’m loving it!

Where can I get me some of those cool skeletal hand decorations?

15. This tree looks like one of the Sanderson Sisters fell into it head first

Please, Bette Midler, get out of the tree, you’re scaring the kids!

What do you think of Halloween trees? Do you want one for your haunted house this year? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Happy Halloween!

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