17 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

We love a good hack to make our lives more simple, but what about a hack that will make your life more simple AND make you look good too? Well that’s a no brainer! We’ve found 17 of the best fashion hacks that will make your wardrobe your best friend.

1. The neatest way to fold your t-shirts

This beats my strategy of bundling them up into a ball and throwing them into my wardrobe.

2. Stay warm and stylish!

Winter is coming and that means layers and lots of them! Use this hack to layer in between your layers and you’ll be a layering pro!

3. Get trendy without getting spendy

You’d never know those shoes were a DIY! But you might have to spill your secrets when everyone’s asking where you got your amazing shoes from.

4. Take that rain!

Who knew bees wax could be so useful when it comes to fashion? Perfect for that rainy autumn weather.

5. Shoes feeling a little tight? Try this nifty little trick

It’s way easier than wearing them around the house for a week while you try to ‘wear them in’.

6. Top trouser hanging tip

I’d have never even thought to hang my trousers like this to be honest. But that’s mostly because I don’t even bother to hang them in the first place.

7. This is an old tip but it’s a darn good tip!

Kiss those ladders goodbye!

8. Turn an old jumper into cool boot cuffs

Now you won’t have to part with your old favourite, totally ruined jumper.

9. While we’re on the subject of boots…

Who says you can’t wear boots with everything?

10. Up your necklace game

Now you just need to go shopping and buy one of every type of necklace. You wouldn’t want to be caught without one after all.

11. Keep those bra straps under wraps

Snaps for you, snaps for me, snaps for everyone!

12. You’ll be the most stylish scarf wearer this winter with this trick

Although I’m so clumsy I’d probably end up strangling myself if I tried this.

13. Baby wipes, what can’t they do?

Deodorant marks be gone! Get thee from this place and never darken my doorway again!

14. Tie your belt for a simple way to look like you put a lot of thought into your outfit

If you tie your belt nobody will suspect that you rolled out of bed and put on the first thing that fell out of your wardrobe this morning.

15. From stuffy shirt to stylishly casual in 10 seconds

This is my new favourite way to wear shirts.

16. Make those boots look good as new

Grab yourself a shoe brush, body soap, spray bottle, vinegar, hair conditioner, a towel and some leather boot waterproofing spray. Brush any loose dirt from your boots and then give them a good clean with the soap. Mix the vinegar and water in a spray bottle and give them a good spray, then use the conditioner. Finally, dry them gently with a towel and when they’re completely dry, use the waterproofing spray to keep them in tip top shape.

17. Your favourite bra will stick around forever with this nifty trick

I’m so glad I can keep my favourite bra without having to get stabbed in the boob every time I move from now on!

What’s your favourite fashion hack? Don’t be shy, share it with us in the comments below! And don’t forget to share this article with your fashion forward family and friends!

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