23 Ancient Things That We Still Use Today

What’s the oldest thing in your home that you actually still use? Actually, don’t answer that, I think there’s gonna be some pretty gross answers out there! Instead, take a look at these 23 ancient versions of things we still use today!

1. Flushing toilets

Surprisingly, flushing toilets have been around for 2000 years… and we still haven’t learned not to pee on the seat.

2. Surgical tools

This tool is around 5,000 years old and I’m really, really glad that it’s not still used in surgical procedures! That thing’s frightening!

3. This stylish looking purse

This ancient purse was covered in over 100 dog’s teeth, which is a look that has never come back in Vogue.

4. Prosthetics

This prosthetic is around 3000 years old and is in much better condition than the rest of the foot.

5. Coins

I’m sure this 2,700 year old coin would fetch a pretty penny if you sold it nowadays.

6. Road signs

This ancient sign says “take the first left at the leafy tree and if you see the big rock you’ve gone too far”.

7. Bras

This bra was made sometime around 1,390 AD and looks just as comfortable as bras do today. Which is not very.

8. Musical Instruments

This 40,000 year old flute was made of vulture bones which has a direct effect on how much I’d ever want to play it.

9. Shoes

It’s not exactly a Louboutin but give this show a break, it’s 5,500 years old and survived by getting preserved in sheep dung. Nobody want to try it on? No, me either.

10. Socks

Well what are shoes without socks to go with them? These socks are around 2,500 years old and were worn by Egyptians to protect their toes from wooden shoes. Splinters must have been a real problem!

11. Sculpture

This sculpture is a massive 40,000 years old! It’s called the Venus of Hohle and I know it’s meant to be a woman, but doesn’t it look a bit like a cooked chicken?

12. Bound books

The Romans were the first to use leather bound books, leaving bookworms everywhere feeling very thankful.

13. Pants

The oldest surviving pair of pants is 3,000 years old and comes from China. Needless to say, they’re a little out of fashion now but they could be due a comeback!

14. Chewing gum

The first gum wasn’t minty fresh, but was made from the bark of a birch tree. This particular sample is over 5,000 years old!

15. Recipes

This recipe is 5,000 years old and is a recipe for beer! How could I have guessed that the oldest surviving instructions would have been for booze?

16. Globe

This globe is so old that we don’t even have an approximate date for it. What we do know is that it was carved on an Ostrich egg, which is definitely a rotten egg by now.

17. Sunglasses

They ain’t Ray-Bans but I’m sure they were very popular back in their day!

18. Calendar

Even the ancient Romans had trouble remembering when great aunt Muriel’s birthday was.

19. Roads

Not only were roads an amazing invention, but some of the first roads are still in use today!

20. Sheet Music

This ancient sheet music is for a song named ‘Hymn to Nikal’ and is 3,400 years old. I’m a little disappointed that it’s not a copy of ‘Carry On Wayward Son’.

21. Sewers

Thank goodness the Roman’s invented this, or we would have all been walking through poop for much longer than we should have.

22. Newspapers

This was a slow news day, when something big happened they had to carve it into a whole wall.

23. Concrete

This concrete was used at an ancient Roman burial site. Notice, nobody wrote ‘Dave woz ‘ere’ in it before it set.

What’s the oldest thing that you still use? Have you got an old relic hanging around your house that’s been used for generations? Tell us all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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