A Photographer Takes A Private Glimpse Into Ordinary American's Bedrooms, And The Results Are Beautiful!

We just love a glimpse into other peoples lives, don’t we? If you walk past somebody’s window, you can’t help but glance in there!

It’s not that we’re being nosy, we’re just genuinely curious about how other people live. Is it better than us? Are they happy? What is their wallpaper like?

Well, Portland, Oregon based photographer Barbara Peacock is obviously the same! She recently started a new project aiming to photograph a nation of Americans and reflect their personalities through a series intimate portraits of their bedrooms.

The subjects of her photos are from all different backgrounds; they’re friends and strangers who she invites to participate in the project through social media or by cards in local shops.

What she’s done is give an amazingly intimate glimpse inside private spaces, and really made us wonder about the stories behind these people’s lives.

See her gorgeous photos for yourself below!


This Elvis fan looks like she was captured in a quiet moment of contemplation sitting on the side of her bed. We’ve all been there, I guess!


We’ve all been here too, checking our phones late at night or first thing in the morning. I love how darkly lit and secretive this photo seems, it looks like an attic room.


This is such a cute photo, with the morning light pouring in through the window. That dog definitely wants in on that bed!


Wow, I wish my bedroom had this much natural light! What a stunning photo of this guy taking a moment with his best friend.


Doesn’t this perfectly capture the chaos of having a young family? Mom and dad trying to get a minute to themselves while the kids need entertaining. These folks obviously aren’t as well off as the last guy either, since they have a washer and dryer in their bedroom. But they’re still happy!


That dog looks more like a leopard! Pretty sure it’s a dog, if it was actually a leopard it would’ve taken one look at that chair and taken off!


This is such a cute photo, they look so relaxed and at ease with each other. Even the cat looks pretty chilled out!


I love how people’s personalities have been captured in the look of their rooms. From the dreamcatchers I would imagine this lady is quite spiritual.


Not everybody’s bedroom is as big as each others! Some peoples’ aren’t even a room!


Now there’s no mistaking this guy for being the spiritual type. Maybe we caught him just after a morning prayer.


Well sheesh I guess it takes all sorts! This guy is obviously quite the individual, so good for him!


The room in this one looks so plain and the kid kinda sad, almost like he’s in a prison. The photographer has done well to capture so many different moods!


Some people like to feather their nests I guess!


What the heck is going on here? I guess that guy suffers from sleep apnea and his wife likes a dark room… or suffers from migraines! I hope not!


This guy’s bedroom set up is simple but effective! Maybe the place is cat proof, he looks pretty comfortable anyway!


Why do I get the impression that the kid sitting down is trying to get his homework done but he never manages it?


Wow, this apartment looks like a classy hotel room!


Erm… is it just me, or is that a freakin’ revolver on the cat’s playhouse? I guess kitty REALLY wants that catnip!


Aha, how the tables have turned! I think this kid is getting a hard time from his dad, while his mom just wants some more sleep.


Is there anything more Christmassy than having a fir tree in your bedroom? Probably not! He looks pretty cosy, I’m kinda jealous.


That guy sure has drunk a lot of beer! Makes me feel like he’s writing his memoirs of being in the Marines, but I guess we’ll never know.


It really makes you interested in these people’s back stories! How did this guy end up living in a trailer with his cat?


I can barely tell if this is a kids’ room or not! That’s definitely a little girl in bed, and there are toys on the floor, but everything else looks so grown up!


Isn’t it weird how people set up their rooms? It’s like this lady has put her bed in that alcove because she loves to burrow and feel enclosed!


Well, it wouldn’t be a bedroom if somebody didn’t get naked, right? She looks beautiful!

All photo credits: barbarapeacock.com

Which one did you enjoy? Do any of them remind you of your own bedroom? Or maybe a photographer in your bedroom is just your worst nightmare imaginable! Let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article if you enjoyed it.

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