15 Sex Facts Your History Teacher Never Would Have Mentioned

There are some things better left unsaid, especially when it comes to teaching kids history. Many small details would have been left out, especially the graphic sexual ones. Turns out our ancestors liked to get down and dirty a lot. Here are fifteen seriously naughty history facts.

1. Catherine The Great employed foot ticklers to turn her on.

The eighteenth century Empress Of Russia hired girls and eunuchs to tickle her feet and turn her on! She paid them well too.

2. Goats eyelashes were used to make the first cock rings.

In the thirteenth century China, cock rings were very popular and were made from the eyelashes of a goat. They would even leave the hairs on for extra stimulation.

3. The earliest discovered dildos were made of stone.

The first dildo discovered is an impressive 28,000 years old and was found in Germany. Following this, people started to cover them in leather to make them a little softer. Sounds pretty painful to me!

4. Petting parties were a big deal in the 20s.

In the 20s, young women would often go against their parent’s wishes and head to petting parties, which involved kissing, cuddling and maybe even some heavy petting with a boy that they were paired up with.

5. When cameras were invented, pornography was everywhere.

Once people got their hands on cameras, almost 100 years ago, people immediately started taking nude photos and selling them as postcards.

6. Victorian doctors would give ‘pelvic finger massages’.

Many women during the Victorian era would suffer from hysteria with symptoms including anxiety and nervousness. This was believed to be temporarily relieved by a massage which would cause ‘hysterical paroxysm’. Yeah, we all know what that really means.

7. King Edward VIII had his own seat at a brothel.

In 1880, the King visited one the most exclusive brothels in Paris frequently. It was called Le Chabanais and he visited so much, they made him his own special seat.

8. Sex guidebooks could be bought all over 18th century London.


With prostitution legal in the capital, guidebooks were published which would detail price, age, appearance and even what specific services the women would offer you!

9. Sex clubs were everywhere in the 1700s.

Members would all gather together to read banned books and have sex with each other. The initiation involved all the men ejaculating into a penis shaped glass and having the newcomer drink from it!

10. Rome was full of brothels by 300AD.

By only 300AD Rome had a grand total of forty-five brothels, all of which could be located by following penises engraved into the ground.

11. Romans had specific coins to pay for sex.

Soldiers from all over the world came to Rome. To help with the language barrier, specific coins were created which displayed different positions. Soldiers would simply pay with the position they wanted to try.

12. Ancient Roman women would pay for gladiators sweat.

Women were attracted to the gladiators fighting in the pits, so they would actually pay to use their sweat as a moisturiser and a lubricant after scraping it off them.

13. Sex poems were all the rage.

In medieval France, people would gather to listen to travelling musicians performing naughty sex tales and poems.

14. There were medieval ‘virginity tests’.

Women were supposed to be virgins on their wedding night. If they weren’t, they would place a leech between their legs the night before to make it seem as though they were bleeding due to it being their first time.

15. Medieval France had impotence trials.

If women wanted a divorce in the 1500s, they had to prove their husband couldn’t get it up for them in court! Men would have to ejaculate in front of a jury to prove they were sexually able.

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