8 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Washing 'Downstairs'

While it may be awkward to discuss our private regions, it’s very important to know how to take care of ourselves. Normally we only pay attention when there’s something wrong, like a bad smell or an uncomfortable feeling. However, we should actually be checking in on how we wash ourselves every day as there’s a high chance that you’re actually washing your vagina incorrectly. Read on to find out exactly what you should be doing during shower time.

1. Use a mild soap.

The skin around your vagina isn’t like the skin on the rest of your body. In fact it is much more sensitive than most other areas. So while your favourite smelling soap might feel great on your body, it might not actually be that great for your vagina. The UK’s NHS (National Health Service) recommends avoiding perfumed soaps and gels as these can disrupt the pH levels in your vagina, which after repeated use, will irritate the skin.

2. Clean around your vagina, not inside it.

Vaginas are pretty amazing things. So much so, that they actually clean themselves. Natural vaginal discharge is actually great for your vagina, containing all the bacteria it needs to keep itself clean. So don’t scrub this away! Instead wash around it – the vulva – and your vagina will actually take care of the rest.

3. Don’t use a loofah or a brush!

While they may be great on the rest of your body, brushes and other scrubs are too harsh for the skin around your vagina. It’s much better to use your hand or a washcloth. This will still clean it, but it won’t harm the skin.

4. Wash daily.

To help maintain hygiene, you want to be washing your vagina daily. If you clean too much, you can disrupt the natural bacteria and actually make things worse. The only exception to this is that you can clean more than once a day if you’re on your period.

5. Be gentle.

We’re always taught to exfoliate our faces for super soft skin, though it’s the exact opposite for the skin around your vagina. Using an exfoliator or a scrub will cause some serious irritation and could even be slightly painful, so you should definitely avoid it.

6. Pat yourself dry.

If you sit in moist clothing, like a swimsuit for too long, you could risk getting a yeast infection. This is due to the natural bacteria and pH levels being disrupted. The best way to avoid this is make sure that you are completely dry after a shower. However, just like in the previous points, you want to be gentle as you don’t want to irritate anything, so its recommended that you pat yourself with a towel and then air-dry afterwards.

7. Don’t douche!

While it may be popular, douching is actually pretty bad for your vagina. A douche involves flushing water inside the vagina to clean it out. Though as mentioned before, this gets rid of that important good bacteria and so can actually cause problems such as bad smells and infections. Plus they can be very uncomfortable to use, so you really have no reason to get one!

8. Know your vagina.

Listen to your body! Nobody knows your vagina better than you do, though if you’re following these simple steps and something is still wrong, consult a doctor.

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