Groom Shocks His Wedding Guests With Video Of Wife Cheating

There are thousands of stories and videos online about how people got revenge when they found out their partner was cheating on them, but few are quite as savage as this one. After finding out that his wife was cheating on him, he didn’t call off his wedding. Instead, he decided to reveal he’d found out during their wedding reception. Read on to find out exactly how he did it!

Most people would call off their wedding after finding out that their spouse has been with someone else, as not only would they never want to see them again, but they’d save tons of money. However, this man decided to go through with the wedding to get his revenge. Not only would he be embarrassing his wife, but he’d be embarrassing her in front of her whole family.

The story was so harsh, it was even run on the local news in Singapore. The report explained that they had gone through the ceremony and everyone was enjoying themselves until, during the reception, a video began playing. The screen was showing a romantic montage of their relationship leading up to the wedding until it cut to a clip of his wife entering a hotel room with a man and sleeping with him.

Just imagine the gasps in the audience as the video started playing. You can’t even begin to imagine how awkward the bride felt.

Once the video was playing, the bride supposedly ran out of the room in sheer embarrassment, indicating that she was in fact guilty.

The husband discovered her adultery by hiring a private detective to follow his wife and find out what she was doing without him. Of course, he must have been suspicions as most people wouldn’t track their spouse’s movements for no reason.

Ms Zhuo, the detective hired by the groom, explained that she received an invitation to the wedding, despite telling the groom-to-be to call off the event. While she didn’t expect the invite, she understood why he wanted to get back at her.

This isn’t the first time that someone has revealed their partner was cheating on them at their wedding. Last year on The Graham Norton Show a man sat in the famous ‘red chair’ and told a similar story.

He told Graham and his guests, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, that he was attending a friends wedding and that they’d had a lovely ceremony. It was all going great until things took an unexpected turn.

Everyone was doing their speeches, and then the groom stood up and said to everyone ‘we’re gonna play a game’. So he asked everyone to stand up and everyone stood up, they were all kind of giggling, wondering what was going on.

Then he asked everyone to flip over their plate and if there was a red dot at the bottom of their plate, to please stay standing. So everyone did it, and it all filtered out until there were eight guys left standing.

He said ‘ladies and gentlemen, could you all please look at the eight men left standing. They have slept with my wife since we’ve been engaged, I am now going for an annulment’ and he walked straight out of the room.

Talk about a mic drop moment! The look on their faces must have been priceless. Though, despite how great the revenge must feel, surely it’s not worth the effort of getting a divorce?

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