This Simple Trick Will Get Rid Of Spiders From Your Home

Scared of spiders? Live in fear that one will crawl on you while you’re relaxing at home? Or worse, in your sleep? Worry no more! This quick and easy trick will make sure you’re never looking over your shoulder for one of those eight-legged nightmares again.

This remedy is so simple, it’s surprising that everybody doesn’t know about it! There’s no longer a need to ask someone for a glass and a slip of paper, or to get the vacuum out in a mad panic. All you need from now on is some peppermint oil and water. Seriously, it’s that easy.

The downside is that you have to clean your entire house before you do this, otherwise it’s pointless. So that includes pulling furniture away from walls, vacuuming all over and dusting down everywhere. Once you’ve done this, create the amazing repellant by mixing a mere five drops of peppermint oil into five-hundred millilitres of water. Then you simply fill up a spray bottle and go spritzing the house up.

Be sure to spray in the nooks and crannies around your windows and doors to catch any of them hiding away. If you want to be extra safe, you can spray the outside perimeter of your home so that they won’t want to enter it in the first place.

The added bonus of spraying every inch of your house with peppermint spray is that it also smells great. So not only will it be a spider-free-zone but it’ll smell fresher than ever before too.

It’s recommended that you spray the house once a week to make sure that once they’re out, they stay out. However, if you see any spiders reappearing within the first week, you should be spraying it every couple of days. If you want to be even more proactive, you can also strategically place peppermint plants in and outside of your house.

Peppermint has been known to be a natural bug and insect repellent for a while. Most notably for keeping ticks away. There are companies that will drive specialist vehicles to spray acres of land with the spray, so you know it works if professionals are using it.

If you have a guilty conscience when you normally deal with spiders and prefer not to harm them, you’ll be happy to know that peppermint doesn’t actually hurt the spiders in any way, it simply acts as a good natural deterrent.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to make the solution yourself, there are many places that will sell peppermint spray. There are even alternatives available for those that don’t actually like the smell of peppermint. Some examples include essential oils from lavender flowers, lemons and even eucalyptus leaves.

There is actually another method which includes spreading chipped wood from a cedar tree around your home too, but I can’t think of many people that would actually do that.

You may think that you’ll get by without having to lay any deterrents this fall, but this year has been marked as a notable year for spiders invading homes. With such a warm summer, the fly population increased, which only means that the spider population will have too.

If reading this has freaked you out a little, don’t fret! Most house spiders can’t actually bite you as their jaws are usually too small to actually pinch your skin. So take comfort in knowing that they probably won’t actually harm you.

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