25+ Examples Of Incredible Luxury In Dubai

Dubai sure is one fascinating place!

It’s the city of the future, where west meets Middle East, and also happens to be in one of the richest countries in the world.

So Dubai has become something like a playground for the wealthy and well-heeled. A place where you can get literally anything you want, and if you can dream it, there’s somebody who can make it come true!

If you’ve got money to spend in that place, you can make even the most incredible things happen.

Here are just a few examples of the amazing things you can see and spend money on over there.

From the strangest pets you ever saw to the most expensive food and drink, if you want it, Dubai has definitely got it!

1. Welcome to Dubai! Where you can get pretty much anything you want in gold!

And we really mean in gold… like, solid gold cellphones.

2. Even your morning coffee can come with a few expensive shavings of the good stuff

But hey, you live in Dubai! You can afford it, right?

3. Just about anything can be made out of gold there, including games consoles!

Now that’s what I call a high score!

4. Just because your games console isn’t made out of solid gold doesn’t mean it can’t look flash

I mean, this is in the back of a taxi cab!

5. Then again there are fancier things you could find in a car in Dubai

This guy is a little more exotic than your average pet, but seems like he’s pretty run of the mill over there!

6. Dubai is the type of place where if somebody was playing with a tiger cub, you probably wouldn’t even look twice

Well, this would certainly get my head turning!

7. Speaking of head turning

Pretty sure that lioness is about to rip yours off, dude.

8. I guess that’s one way of beating traffic jams in Dubai

Then once you park up, nobody is really gonna want to steal that thing!

9. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody had bought a time machine in Dubai

Well, here it is out on the road!

10. Seriously though, that isn’t the flashiest set of wheels in Dubai – if that last car even had any!

Nope, how would you like a gold plated car with the license plate ‘1’? That would probably set you back a pretty steep amount!

11. There’s so much money is Dubai that this supercar worth hundreds of thousands is being used by kids for scribbling practice!

Does anybody have a wet wipe?

12. The thing is, with all of these incredibly powerful cars riding around Dubai, the police have to keep up somehow

They’ve chosen to keep up in style, with this amazing Lamborghini squad car!

13. If the police don’t stop you in Dubai, the camels certainly will

They’re just curious to see who did the paint job I guess!

14. Even something as mundane as Starbucks is an incredible experience in Dubai!

I mean, can you imagine calling in for your morning coffee there every day.

15. You know when I said that ANYTHING could be gold in Dubai?

Um you’ve got a little something stuck in your-… yeah, right there… just move your tongue and… that’s it, you got it.

16. Even the market stalls look super fancy!

Jeez Louise, look at some of that merchandise on sale!

17. You can get a private jet for your collection of birds of prey in Dubai!

You don’t have your own collection of falcons, each with their own passport? Where have you been? Get with the times, man!

18. You can get a gold ring fit for a giant!

Like the guy says in his hashtags, only in Dubai!

19. Want to go and see a real life mermaid?

Yep you guessed it! Dubai is a place where you can TOTALLY go and see a mermaid show at the weekend if you want to!

20. If you feel like living the mermaid life yourself, why not treat yourself to your own personal submarine?

Yep, it even looks like a killer whale, for that extra ‘Bad guy from a Bond film’ touch.

21. You can even live underwater, chillin’ like a Bond villain!

Imagine waking up to that view each morning! With your killer whale submarine parked out front of course!

22. Even if all those supercars and super fast submarines seem a little slow for your taste, there’s still one of these things…

Grab your own personal jetpack to work in Dubai!

23. All of those camels everywhere do come in useful, and not just as road blocks

You can get their milk in many stores!

24. And where there’s camel milk, of course there’s camel chocolate!

You can get it right there in the world’s largest mall! Along with… well, literally anything else in the universe you can think of!

25. So it’s pretty certain that you’re gonna be running up quite a large bill during your time in Dubai

If anybody asks, just tell them to put it on your tab.

26. Everything is linked up to technology in Dubai…

And we mean EVERYTHING! Okay, I can see two issues here… firstly, those screens must be pretty nasty. I mean, remember where they are. Secondly… what if the fellers got an electric shock? Just saying!

27. If you don’t feel like living underwater, you can always float on top of it!

You know, in your very own private floating luxury villa!

28. All things considered, if you have money in Dubai, life is pretty sweet

There are worse views!

Which of these do you find most insane? If you’re reading this from Dubai, maybe a solid gold games console is just pocket change to you! Then again, maybe it would take you a lifetime just to save up for a plane ticket to Dubai! Either way, let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article if you enjoyed it!

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