Meet Frida, The Rescue Dog Who's Saved Over 50 People!

Are you having a woof day? (Pun intended.)

There are many ways to make a rough day better, but one of the best ways is hanging out with a loved one.

This can be a family member or a friend, but that loved one doesn’t necessarily have to be human. They can be a four-legged friend.

Our pets provide us a lot of love, comfort, and affection. Their tail wags are enough to make any day brighter, and they’re also just too cute.

Have you tried feeling sad when looking at photos of adorable dogs? It’s almost impossible!

Cute dogs are always there to help you when you’re feeling down, but we’ve actually gone one step further to make your day just a little bit more special.

We’ve found an adorable dog, you’ll just want to play with them!

Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing!

A recent study at Yale University discovered that we have a rush of aggression when we see something cute and adorable.

It’s our bodies way of dealing with the thing’s intense levels of cuteness. This rush of aggression makes us want to squeeze cheeks and ‘eat toes’ (weird, right?).

It’s a little confusing but weirdly makes sense at the same time.

Well, you may want to prepare yourself, as your about to meet an incredible dog who’s not only adorable, she’s a real life superhero!

Most of us like to think as our pets as superheroes. Solving crimes and saving the world in those brief moments when we’re not lucking.

But the reality is our pets are most likely having a cheeky nap, or playing with their toys in the garden.

However, it looks like that’s the case for Mexico’s new national hero.

She may only have four legs, but she’s got a big heart and she loves to help people!

Meet Frida, a six year old rescue dog who’s in the Mexican Navy.

Impressive, right?

Mexico has faced a lot of tragedy over the past few years.

Recently a deadly earthquake claimed the lives of three hundred and fifty people.

But, if it wasn’t for Frida, another fifty would have been added to that number.

Frida has become a symbol of hope and strength in Mexico.

This impressive pooch has been credited with saving over 50 lives in previous disasters in Honduras, Ecuador, and Haiti!

Frida wears her special outfit for a reason.

I know it look silly, but the goggles actually protect her eyes from smoke and debris, and her snazzy boots protect her paws while she digs and walks across the rubble. 

She needs protection after all!

When her impressive story hit the internet, the world was quick to fall in love with Frida!

She quickly became a symbol of hope for many, and even has her own range of impressive merchandise.

Frida’s fame has landed herself her own range of really cool pin badges, which are for sale.

All proceeds from the sales of the pin badges actually go to the Mexican Red Cross.

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