20 People Who Definitely Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

We’ve all had bad days, but can you safely say those bad days have been the worst day of your life?

No, I know I can’t!

True I’ve had my fair share of bad days but looking back on them, they weren’t all that bad!

Yeah, I might have been late to work, got stuck in traffic, or even been dumped on my birthday, but they’re not the worst thing that could happen!

We’re only given what we can handle, even if we don’t know it!

Each day brings its own obstacles and challenges, but it also brings opportunities to learn how to handle certain situations.

If you cried about being stuck in traffic one day, your probably not going to do it again the next day!

I know there’s nothing more annoying than someone saying, “Look on the bright side, it could be worse!”

I refuse to look through those rose pink glasses, but you have to have some sort of optimism in life!

If your having a bad day then I’ve got just the thing for you!

Take a minute to unwind and check out these hilarious pictures of other people who are having a worst day than you!

1. Clean Up In Ailse Three

Oh god, this is my own personal nightmare! How am I suppose to buy my wine now?

2. Broken Bag

Ouch, I hope the eggs haven’t cracked open!

3. Made With Irony

I’m pretty sure whoever designed this hat, didn’t expect people to notice where it was made…

4. No Wine For You

Oh goodness! How on earth am I suppose to buy my wine now?!

5. What An Idiot

Whoever did this is very blind or very stupid.

6. There’s A Fire

Great, who’s going to put out that fire now?

7. A Lot Of Recycling

Well, that’s an awful lot of cardboard. I’d hate to clean that up!

8. Bat Out Of Hell 

Whoops, it looks like that bat has a mind of its own!

9. Party Time

Oh no, he doesn’t look very happy about that situation!

10. Broken Rocket 

Wait, how on earth is that even possible?!

11. Mud Slide

At least it was a soft landing!

12. A Big Crash

I bet they thought a robber was breaking into their house!

13. Frozen Over

That’s going to take a lot of work to scrape off!

14. Broken Sink

This is why buying a glass sink is never a good idea!

15. OverBoard

Well, it looks like he’s gone a bit overboard!

16. Snowed In

Maybe leaving your car window open during a snow storm is not a good idea…

17. Iron On

Ok, maybe ironing something weaved with plastic wasn’t a great idea?

18. Bad Parking Spot

Ok, that’s a terrible place to park your car! Try again… Oh wait…

19. No Work 

Looks like someone won’t be driving into work anytime soon.

20. A Bad Miss

Now that’s a terrible design for a sink! Whoever thought this would work needs to be fired!

It’s always nice to see someone is having a worse day than you, isn’t it?

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