24 People Who Should Rethink Shopping Online

The internet is an amazing place.

You can watch countless films and movies with it, you can reconnect with long lost friends, you can even go shopping from the comfort of your own home.

How amazing is that?

The internet truly is a weird and wonderful place, but it’s also a place filled with humorous mistakes just waiting to happen.

Shopping online, whether it’s a food shop or shopping for furniture is never easy. You can either misread the small thing and accidentally buy the wrong thing. Or, you could be missold the thing you’ve purchased online.

Because you can’t see what you just bought in person, this happens quite a lot.

This is why shopping online is not always the best option.

Some people clearly haven’t learned this valuable lesson as more and more people are making hilarious, but wrong, purchases online.

It’s so funny!

Take a look at these hilarious online shopping fails.

Trust me, you’ll be rethinking your online shopping by the end of it!

1. Bright Pink

It looks like someone has been hanging out with Violet Beauregarde! I’m pretty sure that bath bomb wasn’t meant to do that!

2. Send Me Money

What happens when you send her $5? Well, you lose $5! What a trick, I must say!

3. Pineapple Or Not? 

Oh my, what a silly but funny mistake to make!

4. A Crazy Cut

Great clips? More like, ‘Don’t Get Your Hair Clipped Here!’ Was the hairdresser in a rush?

5. A Bad Look  

I’m pretty sure the dog hates its haircut…

6. Pizza Horror Story

Why? What kind of monster holds a pizza on its side? Are they crazy?

7. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

You know what would make this look better? Taking it off and setting it on fire!

8. Lady In Red

Never buy a dress for prom or your wedding online, it never goes to plan.

9. Burnt Pizza

If this happened to me then I’d call the pizza place up ad scream at them!

10. Stop It

Stop ruining pizza! It’s not fair!

11. A Bit Big

Well, it looks like that dress is a bit big for her!

12. Are They Shoes? 

What kind of shoes are they? I’d want a refund if I spent that much on them!

13. A Bit Small

I don’t know about you but I think those tights are a tad too small!

14. Dream Dress Or Dream Nightmare

A bin bag would have looked better than that!

15. A Bad Cut 

It’s almost like there’s a theme when it comes to getting a haircut at Great Clips…

16. Pizza With Pineapple Please?

While you’re allowed to think that, you’re not allowed to refuse to put it on pizza… That’s rude.

17. Is That A Salad?

That’s the weirdest salad I’ve ever seen! I think I’ll stick to this burger instead!

18. A Small Rug

Now that’s a nice rug! Shame about the size!

19. Dust Pan And Brush

If you’re at a restaurant and they served you food like this, then you should get up and leave.

20. A Bit Long

That’s not a tank top, that’s a dress!

21. Don’t Order Furniture Online

Wow, they must have a really small TV.

22. One Long Cheeto  

If I had a cheeto that looked like that, I wouldn’t complain!

23. Cat Bra 

That cat doesn’t look very impressed!

24. Just Sauce

What a lovely looking sandwich! I bet they couldn’t wait to eat that…

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