Mariah Carey Posted A Very Photoshopped Image Online And The Internet Wasn't Happy

There are a lot of people who are rather handy with photoshop.

They’re able to edit and change photos in a matter of seconds. These photo wizards are even able to add in details that weren’t there in the original photo. Pretty clever, right?

These people use magic to create moments in memories. It’s rather remarkable.

We’re so used to seeing photoshop in our day to day life.

It’s on Facebook, on Instagram. It’s on film posters, in adverts, whether they’re paper ads or ads we see on TV.

Photoshop is in many corners of our life.

Usually, photoshop is used to edit photos, make people look different to what they really look like, or to alter photos and add something that wasn’t there originally in.

It seems pretty simple and ordinary to us, but sometimes, when celebrities use photoshop, the struggle to make the end result look convincing.

Despite celebrities having a whole team behind them, wardrobe assistants, makeup artists, hair stylists, personal teeth-brushers -no, we’re just joking there- but we wouldn’t be surprised if there actually was someone assigned to do that.

Saying that they are only human and sometimes they make mistakes, especially when it comes to editing their photos.

Unfortunately, there are mistakes that are so obvious, they can’t help but scream photoshopped!

The latest photoshop fail comes from the one of the world’s biggest pop divas, Mariah Carey.

You’d think someone worth $520 million would be able to afford some photoshop lessons or even hire someone to do it, but apparently not!

When you’re a celebrity, there is a lot of pressure for you to look good at all times, but when your a pop diva like Mariah Carey and you’re obsessed with your diva issues, then that pressure intensifies.

This is exactly why some issues popped up for her over the past few days.

The internet has proven, time and time again, that it never forgives a bad photoshop job, especially from someone who should know a lot better.

The mistake will be memorized, stored in a safe place, and brought back out time and time again.

This is probably what will happen to Mariah Carey, after one of her Instagram photos became popular amongst the internet for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, like always Mariah looks great but the extra little bit of help she got is too obvious.

Once her followers spotted the very obvious mistakes they were very quick to follow it up with some comments calling out her bad editing and poor photoshop skills. 

Here’s what some of her followers had to say:

Poms.not.bombs wrote: “That’s got to be some of the worst photoshopping I’ve seen!”

Gaavi1126 said: “Photoshopped the thigh.”

Then thearodwrapgirl asked the obvious question: “Photoshopped!!!!!! Why???? She looks great without it!!!!”

It looks like the jig is up, Mariah! Maybe it’s worth spending some money on some decent photoshop lessons?

The poor photoshop job left many of her followers disappointed, and she has 4.5 million of them! Talk about a big let down. Sure, you want to look good in front of those people, but at least hire a craftier person to help you with that.

Maybe next time, if she’s looking to impress her followers then she’ll hire someone to do the editing. 

However, while Mariah is 46 years old, you have to admit, she looks good, with or without Photoshop!

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