Moms Have Been Sharing The Funniest Things They Have Found In Their Purse

When you were a kid, it seems like anything you wanted in the world, your mom had it with her in her purse.

Now that you’re all grown up and you have kids of your own… you can definitely see why!

The stuff that moms carry around in their purses for months, or even years, is frankly freakin’ incredible!

The best part is, most of it is NOT useful stuff at all! So unless your kids fancy sucking on a mushy Soother from last winter, or to check your receipt from the gas station for a car you don’t even own any more, they should probably keep out of your purse!

Then again, sometimes the contents are not only astonishing, but hilarious too!

1. Poor Grant! Your memory will live on and on brave little fishy!

This is the Instagram post that started it all! Once people saw the hilariously random thing this mom found in her purse, everybody jumped on the hashtag #mompurse and a legend was born!

2. There was a (not very) surprising amount of wine!

Turns out moms need a LOT of alcohol to get through the day!

3. As I was saying, a LOT of wine…

You can depend on a mom bag to carry everything you need. Everything you need to get hammered, I mean.

4. Some things that moms have in their purses can be pretty predictable…

What mom doesn’t have a nursery school sized supply of toys that their kid has decided they’re bored of in their handbag?

5. Some were pretty cool and 21st century!

Check out this funky, on trend mom with a fidget spinner in her purse! Do you think that’s for her, or for her kid?

6. Some moms snapped a picture when they tipped out their entire purse

We’ve all been there, spilled out all the contents on the hunt for something, and then we’re confronted by the horror of what’s in there.

7. Some of the things moms found in their purse genuinely were quite horrible

Yeah that stone used to be a juicy tangerine, people.

8. Some things were just plain freakin’ gross

Ugh, what did that even used to be, a banana? Imagine splodging your hand through that thing when you reached into your purse for your keys!

9. Some contents were a heck of a lot more appetizing

I don’t know about you, but I know for a fact I would be eating those from the bottom of my purse!

10. Others were not only totally inedible, but totally freakin’ random!

#mompurse #momwin

A post shared by Kayla Horne (@kaylamhorne) on

Who keeps a half eaten corn dog in their purse for gosh sakes!

11. Some were pretty dang organized…

Well, organized in a round about way, at least. Even if there’s stuff from every single month of the year covered in these purse contents.

12. Some moms revealed a little more about themselves than perhaps they intended

Yeah happy Christmas and all but… erm… the handcuffs?

13. Whereas some people’s purses were just freakin’ chaos

I have no idea how she would have found a single thing in amongst all of that cr*p!

14. Some moms were obviously more pre-occupied with keeping the kids entertained

Those dinosaurs do not look happy… you could at least have scattered a few M&Ms in the bottom there for them to eat!

15. Then again, some moms lived a very, very different life to most of the rest of us

I’ll be honest, I can’t really ever imagine looking in my purse and finding a ballet slipper hiding in there.

16. Some purses are just straight random, with no explanation, and most moms will have no memory of storing half of the stuff they have in there!

Looks pretty typical to me, sister!

So does any of this look way too familiar to you? Would you consider exposing the contents of your mom purse for everybody on social media to see? I don’t know if I’m that brave! Either way, let us know what you think with a COMMENT, and don’t forget to SHARE this article if you enjoyed it, to pass on the laughs!

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