16 Mind Bending Optical Illusions That Will Leave You Confused!

As well all know, things aren’t always what they seem!

That person at work who is always smiling and nice to you seems like a lovely person… but just wait until you make a mistake and they throw you under the bus.

That chocolate bar looks delicious… until you bite into it and find out that it was really soap all along.

Yes, appearances can be deceptive, and we can’t always trust what our eyes are telling us.

That’s why we’ve gotten these pictures together, that you need to take a close look at to tell what’s REALLY going on!

Things aren’t always what they seem, but coincidences can get so freaky that you’ll wonder if what you’re looking at is the truth, or just your mind playing tricks on you.

Don’t believe me… don’t worry! I wouldn’t believe me either, friend.

1. If this bike’s wheel is so buckled and deformed… then why does it’s reflection appear perfectly straight?

I guess there’s really only one explanation… that puddle is a portal to another dimension! Well, either that or the ground isn’t flat and it’s just an optical illusion. But let’s not split hairs here.

2. Does the girl in the middle have the longest arms in the world?

Either she’s first pick when her class plays basketball at school, or the arm behind the kid on the far left’s head is the girl next to her, and not Ms. Stretch Armstrong in the middle there.

3. This island formation, when you look at it with its reflection, looks just like a violin on its side

You have to admit, that’s pretty amazing. Right? Or is it just a coincidence plus an optical illusion making us see an everyday shape in something? Let’s just go with amazing, because the second thing really takes all the fun out of it.

4. Is this person holding up a photograph in front of the camera?

Nope, it’s just the rail of a walkway and some incredibly cool cliffs with straight faces that gives this scene it’s ‘framed’ effect!

5. A normal scene, right? Well, just look at the two girls’ shadow… doesn’t it look like a gorilla to you?

Is this another amazing coincidence or just some tricky Photoshop mastery? It seems on the level, but I guess we’ll never know for sure!

6. This person had his hair cut very closely, and he thought it made his head look like a weird shape, so he posted a photo online!

Buddy, I think you’re just gonna have to face facts and live with the knowledge that you have a REALLY strange shaped head! I mean, where are his freakin’ ears? Is he part fish, or what?

7. Well that painting looks nothing like the scene in front of it… until you realize that’s not a painting at all… it’s a mirror!

Now THAT’S a clever optical illusion! Doesn’t it look brilliant? And I bet you were all fooled into thinking that was a painted picture or a giant photo on the artists’ easel.

8. Oh my goodness, look out little buddy! That rock is about to land right on top of you!

Let us assure you that no cute fuzzy raccoons were harmed in the making of this confusing optical illusion. Still can’t work it out? Maybe it would help if I told you that’s not the sky, but it’s reflection… give up? Well, the photo was taken downhill, and the rock is actually standing on the shore of a lake.

9. Sometimes its like the universe is trying to make you laugh

I mean, what are the chances of things lining up like that on your Twitter timeline every day?

10. How exactly do you get up these stairs? Through those holes in that big weird door? Well, look closer and read on to find out…

It turns out that the whole staircase has been cleverly painted to look from a distance like who have to climb through holes to get up there!

11. What cartoon giant left their handkerchief at the top of this hill?

As you might be able to tell, this is actually a giant metal sculpture, designed to look like folded fabric from a distance. Its in New Zealand, and you can go and visit yourself!

12. Apparently, this is a triplofusus giganteus horse conch with a lightning whelk

Yeah it’s not that which is confusing me, it’s more like how freakin’ BIG that thing is, it looks about five feet tall and out to get me!

13. Is this the world’s skinniest news reporter?

Or is it just the world’s most misjudged dress to put on a news reporter?

14. Looks like somebody has sawn this dog in half

Don’t worry folks, it’s a specially trained magic dog! For its next trick, it’s gonna spin around on a board while somebody throws knives at it.

15. Is it just me, or does this guy look like he’s peed himself?

I mean, we all get nervous before speaking in front of a roomful of people, right?

16. Here is one of those rare fire-breathing dogs

Part dog and part dragon, all caught at exactly the right moment by the person taking the picture!

Which of these optical illusions did you find the funniest? And which did you find the most baffling? Perhaps one still has you scratching your head! Well, let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this post if you enjoyed it!

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