19 Moms Who Really Don't You To Wake The Baby

It goes without saying that being a parent is hard work.

You’re constantly working around the clock to make sure your child is healthy, happy, and alive. Apparently, the latter is the most important one.

When you’re a parent, you have a full-time job. You have a tiny boss who won’t be too happy if you delay in attending to his every need.

When I say it’s a full-time job, it really is. You’re on the clock constantly, 24/7, with very few breaks, not bonuses, and no holidays. You’re stuck with this job for at least the next 18 years of your life.

God help you if you have more than one child too, I know I couldn’t manage it!

There are so many things about being a parent which are hard. Like trying to find a way to convince your child there are no monsters in the closet. Because let’s be honest. You don’t want to check the closet in case you were wrong.

Sometimes parents need a helping hand, and sometimes that helping hand comes in the form of a bit of peace and quiet when your baby is sleeping.

Seriously, if you’re a parent, then you understand the importance of silence when your baby is sleeping.

Otherwise, your baby’s going to wake up screaming, and that’s just one big headache.

One of the best ways to wake up a baby is with a doorbell. One ring of that and a whole chain reaction will take place.

It’s a nightmare!

Thankfully some moms have taken to writing signs, explaining to any visitors that ringing the doorbell while their baby is sleeping is punishable by death (or scolding).

Here are some hilarious ‘Don’t Wake The Baby’ signs that will put a huge smile on your face!

1. Ikea Door Bell

They can’t wake the baby if there’s no doorbell for them to ring!

2. Only In Emergencies 

If you wake my baby then you’ll have a big problem, like your on fire, or George Clooney is on my doorstep!

3. Don’t Push Me Or My Door Bell

It looks like this mom to be is already on the edge! So don’t push her over by pushing the doorbell!

4. A Handy Little Sign

It’s honest, blunt, and straight to the point. I love it!

5. Don’t Do It 

I wonder if this actually worked?

6. Put Pants On Please

For the love of God, don’t ring that doorbell!

7. Girls Scouts Only 

Rule of thumb, unless you’re a girl scout selling cookies, you’re not allowed in.

8. Don’t Bark Here

Barking dogs and sleeping babies, plus a ringing doorbell is a terrible mix!

9. No Banging

Unless your dying or someone is dying, don’t ring my doorbell, otherwise, you will be dead meat!

10. Nap Time 

Nap Time means silence is golden. So no doorbell ringing.

11. A Long Fall

If you don’t want broken legs, don’t ring this doorbell!

12. Armed And Grumpy

I wouldn’t want to risk it with this grumpy mother!

13. Celebrities Only

Hot celebrities are the only exception when it comes to ringing a doorbell.

14. Is It True?

Regardless if this is true or not, would you want to risk it?

15. Cookies Please 

Cookies are a necessity!

16. A Friendly Reminder

Aww, this is the sweetest sign I’ve ever seen!

17. Happy Holidays

I bet this has confused quite a few carol singers.

18. Make Your Move

Be very careful when making your decision, one will equal a punch is a face from a very angry mom!

19. Trap Door

Would you want to risk it?

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