22 Hilarious Halloween Costume For Pregnant Women

It’s finally October, so that can only mean one thing!

It’s almost Halloween!

I don’t know about you but I’m excited for Halloween! It’s one of the few days I can get away without wearing makeup because, hell, anything looks better than one of those monster masks!

I know for a lot of people there who share my same passion and love for Halloween. I mean, I’ve been planning my costume for weeks now!

But, Halloween can still be a hassle to organize, especially if you have a trio of your own little monsters or grand monsters!

I don’t know how some people cope with the holidays and so many children! That’s the real Halloween nightmare!

Most people like to dress up for Halloween. I love it! I’m planning on being a witch this year, even though that’s my costume for the rest of the year too!

Trying to find the perfect costume for Halloween is tricky enough as it is.

It’s pretty hard to find a costume your size, that isn’t too revealing.

That’s why many people resort to making their own costumes.

But if you thought that shopping for a Halloween costume was hard, just try and find one when you’re heavily pregnant!

It’s a real nightmare!

If you’re pregnant and looking for some Halloween inspiration then you may want to take a look at these hilarious costumes!

1. Spooky Costume

This is a simple costume, and since there’s a small child inside the pumpkin, it’s technically true too!

2. Disco Queen

You could say this Halloween costume will make you the Belle of the Ball.

3. Mommy Baby

A mummified baby bump, how terrifying!

4. Too Soon For You

Well, that’s one very impatient baby! Wait your turn!

5. Moo Cow

Is it just me or is she milking this whole pregnancy?

6. A Bun Oven

I wonder if they’re trying to tell us that they’re expecting a baby?

7. Solar System

This is actually a pretty neat costume!

8. Beer Belly

Wow, what a clever idea! I love it.

9. Fish Bowl 

Talk about getting creative with your Halloween costumes!

10. Unicorn Mom 

Watch out, that mom’s got an extra horn and she’s not afraid to use it!

11. Octo Mom

Oh my, this is absolutely hilarious!

12. Monsters Inc

Oh no! Who let the monster out of the closet?

13. A Full Moon

Aww, this is a perfect way to take your child (both born and unborn) out trick or treating together!

14. Eggs 

Aww, this is so cute!

15. Minnie Me

What a neat idea!

16. Star Wars Baby

Let’s just hope this baby isn’t born into the Dark Side…

17. Family Photo

Aww, it’s their first family photo! How sweet!

18. A Saucy Costume

This costume works for Halloween, but also as a pregnancy announcement!

19. Thing One And Thing Two 

This is such a fun and simple pregnant Halloween costume! I love it!

20. Pot Of Gold

It looks like this mom to be has found her treasure!

21. Gum Machine 

This costume is so simple, how did I not think about this before?!

22. Avocado 

Now, this is a very trendy pregnant Halloween costume.

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